£5 Worldwide Family Travel Insurance - Sainsbury's.....
£5 Worldwide Family Travel Insurance - Sainsbury's.....

£5 Worldwide Family Travel Insurance - Sainsbury's.....

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A loophole on a new credit card lets you grab worldwide family travel insurance for £5/month – and you can cancel at any time.

The Sainsbury's Gold Card charges accepted new cardholders £5 per month for a range of features: chiefly, travel insurance which covers two adults (under 65) and up to six children worldwide, including up to 17 days of winter sports per year (see the Travel Insurance guide).

For a full year this would cost £60. However, Sainsbury's has confirmed the travel insurance kicks in immediately and there is no minimum time you must hold the plastic for.

This means if you plan in advance, you could grab the card before you go on holiday so you're fully covered, then cancel when you get back unless you need to make a claim. If you time it right, you may only have the card for a month, thus slamming down the cost.

However, even if you hang onto the card all year, this is a decent price for insurance, especially for older travellers.

One negative with that route is you can't pick and choose when your policy starts - you are continually paying. With standalone insurance, you can let it expire, then get a new policy for your next holiday.

To get the Sainsbury's card, you must pass a credit score. Don't apply if you'll need cheap credit to cut the cost of debts in the near future, or have recently been turned down by other card providers.

Low-ish standard rate. Sainsbury's Gold Card charges 9.9% APR interest on all purchases and balance transfers (though a big 24.9% on cash withdrawals). Also, once the £60 annual fee is factored in, the APR jumps to an uncompetitive 18%

Importantly, it has an excess of up to £150 so you may have to pay the first £150 of any claim.

The maximum age of 65 for the two adults allowed on the policy is standard. However, this offers good cover for children, with the standard maximum age of 16 hiked to 23 if they are still in full time education.

In total, 17 days can be spent doing winter sports, while the maximum duration allowed for any one trip is 24 days.

As this is a new policy, insurance rater Defaqto is still assessing it.

What else does the card give?
It has a number of useful features – though on their own, they aren't worth the £60/year price tag.

No fees for spending abroad. Ignoring the £5 monthly fee, this is the cheapest card to use while on holiday, so if you get it for the travel insurance you may as well use it for that.

It charges no 'load fee' every time you make a purchase (most charge 3%ish), no fee for taking cash from an ATM, and it doesn't even charge interest on cash withdrawals if you pay the monthly balance off in full.

On £100 of spending and £100 of cash withdrawals abroad, Sainsbury's would be around £10 cheaper than using a normal credit card.

Extra Nectar rewards. If you use this card to shop at Sainsbury's (including petrol) you can earn double Nectar points.
Is the travel insurance any good?

This is a new policy; not the one Sainsbury's sells separately.

(source: MSE & Sainsbury's)


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I've looked around & can't see any deal that matches this - i'm surprised it only 7 degrees! oO
Is due to the holiday season being over?:|

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Someone just voted cold! Can anyone please explain why this is not getting heat?

From my experience World Wide family travel insurance for a single trip can cost anything from £60 upwards. this is a massive saving let alone the other benefits your get for the card.


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Could someone please explain why this is being voted cold? I honestly want to know as I can't see anything wrong with this deal!


I've looked around & can't see any deal that matches this - i'm surprised … I've looked around & can't see any deal that matches this - i'm surprised it only 7 degrees! oOIs due to the holiday season being over?:|

holiday season over dont think so maybe for hols in med but there is the rest of the world and this is worldwide travel cover as well.Dont forget summer will be starting soon if you go south and most northern trapical areas the monsoons are coming to the end so holiday season is just starting if you travel a bit far

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Still no explanation why this was voted cold, but maybe some people can make use of this during the Winter holidays??
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