5 x Doughnuts - All flavours inc Strawberry/Raspberry/Apple/Custard/Lemon 50p @ Morrisons

5 x Doughnuts - All flavours inc Strawberry/Raspberry/Apple/Custard/Lemon 50p @ Morrisons

Found 3rd Aug 2013
Doughnuts are on offer @ Morrisons cake shop for 50p

5 x doughnuts are now 50p including all varieties: strawberry jam, apple, custard, raspberry and new lemon flavour
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Same price at Asda
yummy! thank you for bringing it to my tummy's attention!
Would be 900° by now if it was Krispy Kremes at 20 x the price. http://forum.blu-ray.com/images/smilies/imported/crazy.gif

Custard for me please.
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Have you tried the new savoury donut sandwiches
Thanks these taste better then some of the other supermarket brands
I've never seen them at full price. they're always on offer, whether reduced to 50p or 2 for £1. I used to love them and buy the custard ones on a regular basis until I got some raw in the middle. not going to vote, it's a good price but they've always been 50p.
no homer simpson picture yet!! mmmmmmmm donuuuuts
Cold, was 25p a pack the other week.
Been 50p for a while. Good amount of filling generally too which makes a change from some other places.


Cold, was 25p a pack the other week.

I work in Morrisons and they've never been 25p a pack in recent times.They were maybe a reduced item down to 25p in your local store but definitely not a Morrisons stand alone offer at 25p.The company would not even put these on an offer for your individual store as they are an In Store Produced (ISP) product and as such the quantity they make is controlled in store unlike say 1,000 tins of beans they may get stuck with.
Been on this offer all month, pretty certain it ends this weekend in fact.
Been this price for ages
Shame the morrisons ones are pretty bad compared to the likes of sainsburys etc.

Still a great price though.
Cold, no nostalgia inducing chocolate flavoured ones...

I joke, of course, hot as these are definitely the best tasting doughnuts out there tbh!

Same price at Asda

Morrison's doughnuts are far better than Asda's
I think they are better than sainsburys / tesco / Asda.

They have more filling, and coated in icing sugar not sugar. Happy to accept that this might make them NOT doughnuts but taste better.

Normal price is 65p
Morrison's donuts are lovely! covered in icing sugar and really chewy. so much better than tesco!
This should get scorching judging from all the grumpy **** on the Krispy Kreme deals. But from what I've heard this is nothing new so where's the deal?
Morrisons are the best ones imo, sainsburys are swimming in grease
Best doughnuts for the price imo.... Noticed they have the most filling than other supermarkets!
Morrisons are made fresh on the day where asdas come in frozen then defrosted and filled - bolk!!
best tasting of the big supermarkets in my opinion. also most filling. heat from me
best tasting doughnuts

Same price at Asda

Doughnuts are horrible at the Asdas I shop in.

These are great.
Asda doughnut are quite possibly the worst I've ever tasted not fit to even share the name doughnut with morrisons ones

no homer simpson picture yet!! mmmmmmmm donuuuuts

As per request!

sainsbury 5 pk donuts are the best supermarket donuts very naughty fun fair donuts they are , one thing i hate with morrisons there too doughie with not enough filling like there guessing the amount to put in
i would love a doughnut like the one in the picture one day
Got some yesterday, didn't last long though.
This is exactly why there is an obesity epidemic in the UK

Same price at Asda

I haven't tried Morrisons but Asda's doughnuts are revolting (to me). Tesco used to be really good but, unless it's just my store, they aren't great anymore. Sainsburys doughnuts however are so tasty I have to restrict the amount of times I go there because I can never resist buying them!
these are the best doughnuts ever. . heat added

This is exactly why there is an obesity epidemic in the UK

Cheap doughnuts? I think not. The actual reason is gluttony and laziness. Some research on calorie intake and activity levels over time I read before concluded that it was actually mainly laziness that is responsible for the epidemic as well. Calorie/fat etc. intake has increased but if activity hadn't decreased so much we wouldn't have this problem.
Asda's donuts always are frozen whenever ive picked up a bag of them, Much prefer Morrison ones, not seen the lemon ones so will keep and eye out for them

Same price at Asda

You obviously haven't tried Morrisons doughnuts otherwise you wouldn't have written that comment.
Nice donuts and a lot better than the ones in asda. You don't have to put up with the peasants you get in asda either.


Man there is another deal on HUKD for BOGTF for crisps couple it with 5 Doughnuts(I think we need to show this deal to this guy who cam on TV and said he ate 20+ doughnuts in one day he works for one of the biggest Doughnut maker)

Well least said from here....
Best doughnuts out there by far, Sainsbury's take 2nd place, Tesco's 3rd & Asda's 4th. Somerfield used to do some nice ones, until they got taken over by the Co-op, not nearly so good now. Morrison's doughnuts are delicious, nom, nom!
Didn't they used to be 6 pack?
Jam are the best but since avoiding white sugar, I no longer crave itt
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