5 x Vita coco Coconut water 330ml for £1 or 25p each - Fultons Foods

5 x Vita coco Coconut water 330ml for £1 or 25p each - Fultons Foods

LocalFound 30th Jan 2018
Iv been buying 5 x Vita coco 330ml coconut water for £1 for the past few weeks. Or they do 1 x 25p.
I buy as many as I can get as its working out way cheaper than buying the big cartons anywhere else.
I spoke to the store manager today and she said she would call and order me as many as I wanted in to store, which I thought was very good .... Which of course I did, so if you are in to your coconut water then its worth bobbing in to a Fultons.
Now I know it is higher in sugar than other brands ...but at this price ...
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Expired 'best before' dates.


Fultons is a great place for random bargains. You never know what you're going to find.
Wow that’s really good!
Great deal. Went to my local branch today and bought 10. These are out of date, but will be fine as 'best before' rather than 'use by'.
Just popped to Fultons to fill a basket-full of these only for the woman in front of me to grab the last one. Asked the assistant and he said that was the lot.
Is there one (fultons) in Derby?
MaccaMc7 h, 40 m ago

Is there one (fultons) in Derby?

...I expect these are long gone by now
I went back in my local and they had more today ...think you just need to ask,if you see one in the fridge. Iv ended up with 4 boxes lol for £10 & they will order more if I ask.
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