5 Year RPI linked ISA 5.82% AER tax-free @ National Counties BS
5 Year RPI linked ISA 5.82% AER tax-free @ National Counties BS

5 Year RPI linked ISA 5.82% AER tax-free @ National Counties BS

2nd Issue Index Linked Cash ISA
5.82%# AER* tax-free^
Fixed Rate interest of 1.00% pa tax-free^ to 30 September 2015
Plus variable RPI Indexation interest tax-free^ on maturity
effective 16 August 2010

Key Features

* Tax-free Indexation interest paid on maturity increases the value of your savings in line with inflation
* Tax-free fixed rate interest paid annually until 30 September 2015, adds to your return, providing real growth in purchasing power
* Limited issue - invest by 30 September 2010
* Minimum balance £5,100
* Transfer of existing Cash ISAs accepted until 30 September 2010
* Indexation start date 1 October 2010
* No withdrawals prior to maturity
* Maturity date 1 October 2015
* Transfer to another ISA provider, or closure, allowed prior to maturity but no Indexation interest paid

Cash ISA transfers
Our Online service can only be used for new subscriptions for the current tax year. To transfer an existing Cash ISA, please download the application and transfer form. Once these forms are completed please return them both to us and we will notify your present ISA provider.

Interest rates
To see all of our current Cash ISA rates please click here: Cash ISA rates

#Assuming RPI (Retail Price Index) inflation, which will vary over the investment period, remains at the rate of 5.0% pa as per Office of National Statistics (ONS), June 2010.
^Interest is described as being tax-free as it is currently exempt from income tax. The future tax treatment of Individual Savings Accounts may vary.
*aer stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the annual rate would be if interest was compounded.


Good rate but I think the minimum balance and loss of indexation interest for early withdrawal might put most people off

the minimum balance does put most people offfffffff(_;)

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