50- 70% Sale starts next week Brantano
50- 70% Sale starts next week Brantano

50- 70% Sale starts next week Brantano

Had a moan at Brantano about them not knocking the 2.5% VAT off and they told me that the 50 - 70% off sale starts next week


That's irrelevant. Are they not breaking the law by charging the wrong VAT amount? Most places have sales on at the moment and I doubt the VAT cut had any bearing on whether they had a sale or not??

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gosh - I didn't realise that this was going to be such a snappy web site, I have seen several catty responses to questions - claws in people - I was only giving you the back ground as to how I knew the sale was going to start!!

thnx for the heads up:thumbsup:
welcome to hukd, yeh you get snappy comments all makes it interesting on here, dont be put off by it though, some one will always find what you put up useful.

Well done shoestring
If it helps ONE person then you've saved SOMEONE money :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the positive comments - 1st postings are always difficult - I wish I had known about the offer as I brought things last week ( did use the 25% off voucher I found on this web site though - so not all bad):roll:

Snappy? It wasn't meant to be snappy.
I think you are being a bit sensitive. I was just saying that the guy in the shop was fobbing you off, it was nothing personal.
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