50 button cell batteries £1 @Poundland (2p each)

50 button cell batteries £1 @Poundland (2p each)

Found 13th Jul 2007
Always something thats useful to have in that drawer full of bits and bats. Ive seen these at more than a £1 for one.
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But will 40 of them ever get used?
These packs are usually comprised of mostly obscure batteries that nothing in the house uses. I have a pack myself, and none of them fit in any of my watches
Yep I have bought these before and only tend to use one of the whole pack due to different sizes, but even so that 1 ends up being a lot cheaper than buying one from a specialist jewellery shop.
Agreed, I have 2 packs of these at home and used several of them in alarm clocks, toys etc.

Bear in mind the ones from jewellers shops are probably long-life lithium cells. These are cheap alkalines and won't last as long.
Still well worth a quid though!
i bet for that money, they'll last AAAAAAAGES! ;-)
I've bought these before. Even if I only use the AG13 ones it works out at 10 for £1
thats old every pound shop has that
well in my area anyway
These are 99p (in the 99p stores) :thumbsup:
Lithium and alkaline cells aren't generally compatable - alkaline give 1.5V output whereas Lithium 3.3V so they aren't normally mixed. Lithium cells are typically found in computer motherboards, camera backup batteries, some calculators etc, and this pack doesn't have any of them.

Alkaline cells like these are commonly found in cheap LED pens, laser pointers and similar devices (often with 3 or 4 stacked) and this pack can be very handy for them (cheap being the important word here!). Watches and things like hearing aids often use more expensive technologies (based on silver etc) to create the tiny cells, so this pack won't help you there either.

Still worth getting a pack in I reckon if you have a lot of gadgets (although these have been at poundland for years now).
i've bought these and they have proved surprisingly useful. mainly for use with kids stuff. at £1 a pack just using a few of them really saves money on buying them individually.
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