50% Cash back for Egg Card holders @ 0800flowers
50% Cash back for Egg Card holders @ 0800flowers

50% Cash back for Egg Card holders @ 0800flowers

Not sure if this is in the correct catagory!!

Pretty sure this used to be 25% cashback

Now at 50% Cashback !!!

Roses are red,
Lizards are green,
Did you know you have the longest tongue,
I've ever seen.

Poem courtesy off t'internet

btw Egg card giving £20 via quidco and usually another £10 for signing up to egg moneymanager.

Be Romantic and make a profit !!!


from Guess who ????

Anyone used this crowd before ? Would appreciate feedback.

go vis quidco and earn additional £2.

have fun
- gR8_mUndA


That is a pretty substantial cashback offer from egg - 50%! I've never used the company before, but I've seen them around for a long time. (0800flowers I mean, not egg!)

Anyone else used them?

Thanks for the post mrtootough

Very nice discount if you have an Egg card Thanks for the pointer mrtootough ;-)

I've used them a few times Emma :pirate:


Great idea for early Valentine's orders then :-D

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[FONT=Arial]10% Discount [SIZE=2][COLOR=#ff0000]NHS-9 or R3MB10 [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]£5 Discount [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=#ff0000]WHYWAIT [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

[COLOR=red]NHS-35[/COLOR] for £5 off over £35

Got these codes of t'internet. If someone could try them and add to vouchers section if they work.
For some reason, when I went to place the order I had to call the 0800 number.
Am assuming tis because I live in Norn Iron.

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Quidco says: -
0800flowers.com is the new name for Flowers2send, rated the UK’s best online flower retailer by The Sunday Times. It really is the most convenient, best value way of sending beautiful, fresh flowers.
For genuine tracked transactions completed wholly online, you can earn:

Not sure if this will track unless you go thru the egg card link !!!


Anyone else used them?

Yup, they subcontract to interflora, so you end up getting your flowers from the local flower shop, except well cheaper


Not sure you can go via quidco and still get the 50% egg card as dont you have to go through the link on the egg cards site???
I will be very interested for those that have got quidco as well

"btw Egg card giving £20 via quidco and usually another £10 for signing up to egg moneymanager"

Only found £15.50 for sucessful applications...


You wont get Quidco & Egg cashback at then same time. In this case Egg provides the best value

I think only their same day service uses your local florist

"Our Same Day Service use specially appointed local florists and can deliver within a few hours of order"

the rest is delivered via Royal Mail Special Delivery, I think?

Any body ordered from these not using same day, They do 30 Red and White Roses, presented in Gold Wrap together with a glass vase. Delivered in a branded gift box, for £34.99, so only £17.50 with the 50% egg cashback!

Just had a look at this, you cant use any of the additional discount codes, because to get the 50% egg cashback it puts a special code in the discount code box when you order.

Im a little confused, new to this, i have an egg credit card, and a quidco account. i want to order flowers. whats the procedure for the 50% cashback?


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know you have to go thru the link, but anytime I buy with Dixons, I go thru Quidco, and upto now, have always received my egg 5% cashback also.

can i still use quidco through that link somehow?

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can i still use quidco through that link somehow?

I called them up, as I couldn't order online (living in N.Ireland)
explained I was wanting egg cashback.

Guy said it would go thru anyway.
Will let all know when it appears on my statement.


Checked My Egg Statement, they have indeed taken £36.98 and refunded £18.49, excellent, hope the flowers are good now!

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ordered by phone as website wouldn't let me order (being from N.Ireland), explained to the guy that I was ordering only if I got the cashback on my egg card. Said it would go through as there is nothing on their website stating that it had to go thru Eggs link.
Flowers arrived (very nice - MrsTooTough well pleased). Transaction appeared on my Egg card without cashback. (MrTooTough not too well pleased).

Called 0800 flowers - guy said it should go thru and to contact Egg

Contacted Egg - they said I should have used the link but sometimes "Instant Cashback" can take a few days.

Leaving it a few days before I call 0800 rip-off (I mean flowers)

BTW anyone ordering can arrange this for Valentines Day (nearly wrote V.D. there !!) Am guessing 14th Feb would be hectic.

the ultimate would be if you could get the cashback, go via quidco and use one of the discount vouchers

Just looked on 0800flowers to order some more, they`ve put all the prices up considerably since last week, the ones I ordered have gone up by a tenner !

Flowers arrived in the afternoon on valentines day, in a massive box delivered by citylink.

15 white roses, 15 red wrapped in gold paper and in a large glass vase. The roses were all top quality. Wife very pleased! all for only £18.50 after egg cashback, glad I ordered them in January, great deal. :thumbsup:

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Eventually managed to get my cashback after threatening to cancel my egg card.


I used these guys for V Day and the quality was atrocious. They didn't open, and most are dying v quickly. Smallest roses I have ever seen. apparantly a new lot are being sent out.

I know some folk have had bad dealings here - but if your looking for 12% off, code is YAW12
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