50 Cent - Blood On The Sand on PS3 & Xbox 360 For ONLY £14,99 + Quidco @ Play.com

50 Cent - Blood On The Sand on PS3 & Xbox 360 For ONLY £14,99 + Quidco @ Play.com

Found 14th Jul 2009
Came across this... I'm sure it will help someone. Enjoy

Go easy on me!

* Fast action-arcade shooter gameplay: Run and gun shooter gameplay with cover system, buddy NPC AI featuring the G-Unit, Vehicle combat missions and Helicopter rail-shooter levels.
* Intense brawler-style combat with brutal "Counterkill" finishing moves and the ability to purchase up to 20 Interactive Counterkills.
* Drop-in/drop-out co-op online multiplayer: Take over members of the G-Unit to fight by 50's side - each with their own signature weapon.
* Arcade-style points system: Earn money and points via kills and uncovering loot cache's. Use money to purchase new weapons (20 total) and/or Counterkill Finishing Moves.
* Exclusive music from 50 Cent and G-Unit: Featuring 18 never-before-heard exclusive tracks along with classic hits from 50's albums make this the ultimate 50 Cent experience.


It's freezing in here.


It's freezing in here.

Really? This is the best price I've seen. Above average game too, think 'The Club' with added gratuitous swearing. Voted hot.

i'd give this a good 8/10!

achievements are so easy aswell!

this is a game where only a pirated copy can seem like a good value
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