50% discount off your MOT @ £27

50% discount off your MOT @ £27

Found 8th Aug 2009
Welcome to Nationwide Autocentres.

For a limited period you can get a 50% discount off your MOT at any one of our 223 Autocentres across the UK


£54?? Original price seems a bit steep. £27 is ok though


£54?? Original price seems a bit steep. £27 is ok though

I just paid £54 for my MOT at my local independant garage.....think thats the going price now.

take it here and you can guarantee your car will fail on anything they have in stock, tyres, brakes and shocks

Cheap, but Nationwide are useless like most of these big chains.
Go to local indie garage. Only cost me £40

Got my car Mot'd a couple of weeks ago at Mr Clutch Autocentre (Derby) Branches Nationwide.
Only cost me £16 because I'd used them last year - £21 regular price (seems to vary almost weekly according to promotion) but always very fair & NO re-test fee for 10 days.


Nationwide almost killed me. They failed to fit the fuel pipe back on correctly and my car set fire driving on the motorway due to petrol leaking on the engine.

They blamed the fault as a "mass falt on peugot 206's". I rang peugot up who were insistent this was a lie.

Spoke to trading standards who are now investigating them.

Go to local independant ones. I wouldn't go to nationwide if the original MOT was free!

Absolutely shocking work from the one in Norwich. They'll fail anything to get more money out of you. I'm put off Nationwide for life.

they serviced my van in february,,opened the bonnet a week later to find the new air filter sitting on top of the engine(old one still in place)
van never had any previous oil/gearbox oil leaks,,came out of there with a oil leak and there was also gearbox oil leaking from the nearside inner cv boot where they stuck a screwdriver through it

bunch of cowboys

Im a mechanic and the question is? Is the retest free cause i know alot of garages doin half price MOT and fail the damn car and retest is the same price as the discounted mot so not really a bragin after all. and i bet if you do the repairs with them they dont charge. i no all the tricks

not voted just yet

wouldn't trust them failed mums car on 4 items, drove it away and had it checked only 1 was a fail, 2 advisory and 4th was bull.

and hes sure the cv boot that was split (the fail) had just been done and it was a clean rip and had no dirt or signs it had been there.

and the bill for the work £495.00
cost of repairs needed £20.00

advisory items that they had on a fail back box rusted have at least another year, front tyre 2mm they said was illegal, rust on rear brake lines, cleaned off and treated will last few more years yet

and leaking front shock, look like it had been sprayed with an oil spray as oil was not from shock and cleaned off.

yea cheap mot think it was about £33.00 at that time plus £500 worth of work that didnt (in my opinion and that of another garage)

got it all re done for £75.00 and that included the full MOT test fee and cv boot


I just paid £54 for my MOT at my local independant garage.....think thats … I just paid £54 for my MOT at my local independant garage.....think thats the going price now.

Pretty sure the wife just did ours for £35 at the nearest garage to the plagroup where she takes the kids - there's a lesson to be learnt there somewhere for all the local garages, locate near a nursery and the women will flock to you whilst there hubby's are @ work ;-)

Didn't vote originally, voting hot now to try and get this up to a respectable level. £27 MOT is ok, after all

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Y vote it cold if you have had a bad experience? Ive taken my car a number of times when they have these special offers, my local in harrow are brilliant and at £27 you cant go wrong.

I use one in rayleigh for MOT, they have always been good - pointing out potential future failures without looking for work... Maybe because I point out I do the work myself and they offer a free retest in 10day - so saves them retesting the vehicle again for nothing. Maybe its a good idea to find a busy one. Anyone know how far in advance you can book the MOT?

Avoid Nationwide like the plague, they are just about getting work from MOT's.

Always go to a MOT station that does not do repairs.

This means they have no vested interest in failing your car , unlike many garages that fail cars for faults that should only be advisory items.
Fortunately there are lots of these centres in the East Midlands.
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