50 Free Digital Prints @ Truprint
50 Free Digital Prints @ Truprint

50 Free Digital Prints @ Truprint

"Don't let photos linger in your camera - great memories deserve great prints! Upload your digital photos to Truprint and get beautiful prints within 1-3 days, for a s little as 8p each."

The London Paper "has teamed up with Truprint to get you 50 prints for FREE* just to try the service. So snap to it!"

50 FREE* digital prints when you sign up at truprint.co.uk/tlp

*99p postage and package applies. Offer ends 31st January 2006. One time use only.

Visit truprint.co.uk/tlp for full terms and conditions


thanks :thumbsup:

I love FREE prints!! :-D

many thanks,a good deal x

When i click the link it takes me to treuprint. I sign up but it says im already a member of snapfish (which i am)

So snapfish and trueprint are the same?

Yeah - TruPrint is part of SnapFish. But if you register using another email address, you should be considered a new customer, so you can get your 50 prints! ;-)
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