50 Free Nectar card points

50 Free Nectar card points

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Answer just 2 questions about your home and car insurance and collect 50 points.


thanks, p. heat added.

Easiest 50 points ever, thank you , heat & rep added. :-D

Thanks h + r added :thumbsup:

Thanks, just did it!



When I entered my answers for the two questions I got the following....

[COLOR="Blue"]Exclusive special offer

You are eligible to collect 500 Nectar points at Confused.com if you purchase Car or Home Insurance. Click submit and follow the link to see how much you could save…[/COLOR]

That looks to me as if you only get the 500 points IF you purchase the car or home insurance.

Can anyone clarify?

DOH - Just realised my mistake. The first survey is for 50 free points as described above but should you follow up with a purchase from confused.com you will get 500 points.

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also get 100 for doing the 10 second talktalk one


Excellent thanks.
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Is it worth it for the sakes of 25p?

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Is it worth it for the sakes of 25p?

How long does it take, probably only about 1 min.
Definately worth it!:thumbsup:

Very easy and painless, thanks OP

Easy 50 points

Dont Have Dont Have, Easy one this, thxs

Easy 50 points, thanks H&R added:)

I suggest you answer 'don't know', 'don't know' or you'll get loads of unwanted letters and emails from insurance companies!

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thanks for all the heat and rep, 8 of you kind people gave me some rep!!!:thumbsup::-D:w00t:

Thanks A Good OnE :-D

where do you get a nectar card




Is it worth it for the sakes of 25p?

yes it is

Nice one - I see my 50 were credited on the 30th :thumbsup: !

I hardly use my Nectar card now as few shops give points.
This alert has managed to get me to the next level to colelct points, so many thanks.
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