50 free prints when you sign up to tesco photo online

50 free prints when you sign up to tesco photo online

Found 17th Feb 2012Made hot 18th Feb 2012
Tesco is offering 50 free prints when you register as a new customer on their photo site. The offer is on the right-hand side of the page


Nice. Thanks.

This is a really good deal - in fact, you don't have to register your address and as long as you have different email address and phone number you can get a few lots of prints - we've just got 3!

Good find

is this completly free? like as in free delivery too?

Free delivery to store but NOT to all stores and NOT to stores that normally offer Tesco Direct Collection. Otherwise, delivery is £1.49.

Good one, Thanks.

i read this as '50 free pints' disappointed now.


after checkout I'm not able to use the credit prints which I got as 50-4*6 does anyone know how to comeout of this??

Thanks heat added

i can't find prom. code, can anyone tell me the CODE please, thx

Thanks! Printed some christmas photos

I read this as 50 free pints.

I got some done. But the quality is not too good. Prints look dark and dull. But for freebies I shouldn't complain.

£1.75 delivery


£1.75 delivery

whats the prom. code

nice one, good quality
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