50 Memorex 16x DVD+r's £8.96 at Asda
50 Memorex 16x DVD+r's £8.96 at Asda

50 Memorex 16x DVD+r's £8.96 at Asda

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I noticed this last week but wanted to make sure it wasnt a misprice so checked again today.

You get 50 Memorex 16x DVD+r's for £8.96, half the regular price.


Yeah I saw that today, but in the days of google checkout it's way too expensive for media.

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What no way! I havent seen any discs that cheap that are 16x and a good brand online or offline, and me and loads of people I know have no interest in Google checkout, not with all the horror stories I have heard.

What horror stories?

Anyway, plenty other discs are available. Verbatim 16x are higher quality, for around the same price. If you want cheap, these are Rivision 8x at £5.38 for a 50-pack:


MCC 003, so match anything out there. I've burned a bundle of these, scanning every disc that goes to archive. They're absolutely outstanding, some of the best discs I've ever seen. On top of that, you can google checkout to get a £10 off if your order goes over £30.

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With SVP you have to pay postage for one lol

I heard horror stories with Google checkout if you buy a faulty item from somwhere the systems dont work for a return as it was done through Google checkout.

I still prefer to buy things offline though.

And as for Verbatims, meh I bought the 4x 2 years ago, 3 different batches kept giving me failed burns with latest firmware for my burner, then I bought a new burner and same problems, thena new PC with same problems, I dont like Verbatims.

Also bear in mind these are dvd+r, which aren't in the same league as dvd-r.

I don't buy higher than 8x as that's fast enough if you want faultless burns everytime.

16x all the time ritek - nps at all

For 16x media, just burn at 16x, it doesn't make a difference

However, the best quality discs available are all 8x now. TYG02, Yuden02, MCC003. There used to be top notch 16x media, it doesn't seem to be available anymore - whereas the best 8x can do 100 to 200 PIFs, the best 16x typically won't go below 1000.
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