50 Moo bespoke business cards £3.00 P&P only / normal rrp £12
50 Moo bespoke business cards £3.00 P&P only / normal rrp £12

50 Moo bespoke business cards £3.00 P&P only / normal rrp £12

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Order 50 FREE Business Cards from moo.com...

MOO.COM helps you easily create professional Business Cards using your photos or designs. Upload your latest images to create a truly portable and professional portfolio for your pocket.

Choose up to 50 different images to display on your cards using MOO's Printfinity technology.

Use your own images or logo and your own text with our range of templates or work with your own complete PDF design.

MOO Business Cards come in both a silky smooth, matt-laminated ‘MOO Classic’ paper or go an eco-friendly ‘Green’ stock.

Popbitch have partnered with MOO to offer you 50 FREE Business Cards. They come with a Popbitch and MOO watermark, and you only pay £3 for delivery. This offer is valid until 31st October 2010.

I had some of their mini cards printed when this company first started and the quality is exceptional. Lovely matt laminated finish on card and great colours. Have your photos printed on them and they make really nice little keepsakes to give to friends and family.



great, just what every professional needs.... the nickname of popbitch..

Seems a good deal to me, going to give it a try...

Its a really good deal, I don't understand some people..weird!

The first commenter got it right. Why throw away £3 to get 50 'business' cards that have two other company's names on them?

Love Moo cards, always get good comments from people you give them to.

Always get a call from people who I give my cards to - then again that could be the because of the pictures I have used ;-)

Looks like the watermark could be guillotined off?

Edited by: "Worfthedog" 7th Oct 2010


Looks like the watermark could be guillotined off?

does that mean i have to buy a guillotine as well?

by the way does anyone know on which part of the card will the watermarks be printed - need an idea how much i would be cutting off!


Shows where the adverts are on the cards if you click through to view them

Worfthedog, i went to their site and searched up and down, clicking on pictures that would show bigger images but all those i managed to see in bigger size did not show where the moo watermark were, let alone 2 watermark (plus... popbitch?!). having failed trying, i posted my last message.

i did see one that showed moo's logo but it didnt allow me to enlarge the image... however, if that one (of the size) was going to appear on my card along with popbitch's - i am sorry, i'm out even though i really want to give it a go.

thanks for your help though

I think you were trying too hard! Simply click the 'go to link' button above and the cards that show on the opened page have the watermark - I think so anyway - I think it's just the white banner at the bottom of the cards shown that have the ad foe Moo & PopBitch.

At full price their cards are worth the price, at £3 it's certainly worth a go just to check out the quality though.


Looks like I'm right, Im going to give it a go. I should think I can keep the text on the info side away from the watermark so that it can be cut off.



if what would come with this deal is the same as what's shown on flickr.com/gro…64/ then ok, i agree with you, Worfthedog/Paul.

one last question for the moment, where can i go to add rep for you? i really appreciate your help - thanks.

No worries you're welcome, I don't think you can rep anymore - I'll take the compliment though!

Are you having a go at the £3 ones? I think I will have a go at the premade Christmas set and instead of contact details write a message on the back and use as gift tags.

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