5.0 MP Vivitar camera £34.99 @ Amazon !

5.0 MP Vivitar camera £34.99 @ Amazon !

Found 21st May 2008
There seem to have been a few cheap Vivitars around recently - to very mixed receptions from the Hot UKDealers. At £34.99, and 5 megapixels, with a Vivitar lens, I don't think this is too bad. Just picked one up for grandchild, and I'll sling an old SD card of my own (512Mb that I've got no use for any more) into it; and it should keep them happy for months; without having to worry about the cost if/when it gets dropped.

And it's Amazon - not their loathsome Marketplace (sorry - just my personal view).



Seems a fair price for a good starter camera.

They contain only 2 x AA batteries so will need to buy some rechargable batteries and a battery charger.

With this camera it would always be worth carrying round an extra 2 or 4 fully charged batteries as the 2 in the camera may not last long, particularly if the screen on the back is used a lot.

Great camera for kids to enter the world of digital.

Seems to get good reviews, especially for the price, 5mp can seem low by todays standard but often with some of the highr mp cameras the extra pixels are wasted because the lens quality loses them, for an everyday camera this seems a good deal. Looks like its got plenty of features too even down to one for pet pictures (to stop that filmy look you often get in pets eyes!)

voted hot, good deal.

Hi I have the 8mp of this camera it's **** eats batteries like no ones business. Picture quatlity is rubbish too. Wouldn't have it now if it was free. It's going into my car boot sale next week.

Your Batteries Will Run Out All The Time
I Will Take Rubbish Pics At Night (dusk)
It Will Be Clunky And Will Take About 30 Secs To Boot Up
It Will Stress You Out And You Will End Up Buying Another Camera

When It Comes To Digital Cameras There Is One Moto

"buy Cheap, Buy Twice"
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