£50 M&S Vouchers with Zurich car insurance

£50 M&S Vouchers with Zurich car insurance

Found 4th Jun 2008
Basically, if you have a TomTom and take out Zurich car insurance, they give you £50 of Marks & Spencer voucher.

Useful if you know someone with a TomTom. I've found that for my mum and I, Zurich have given the cheapest quotes. For me it's as I have an old car and didn't take courtesy car or breakdown cover.

Anyway, back to the vouchers, you could sell the vouchers for about £40 and call that the cashback. Only thing I haven't figured out yet is how to use this offer at the same time as quidco, hoping that some genius HUKDer can help me on that!

Hope this offer helps people.



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Just figured out how to use quidco. Buy the car insurance as normal with quidco and then on this link, fill in the TomTom details, can do it after buying the insurance!

I've just bought next years car insurance through the Post Office, was the cheapest quote anyway for me, and they give you £50 back, tomtom or not.

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Yeah Post Office do, and it's cash not vouchers. But Post Office aren't always the cheapest, they quoted me £880 compared to Churchill's £630, Admiral's £610 and Zurich's £575.

Plus quidco give £50 for Zurich and only £23.80 for PO.

any special reason why Zurich want you to have a TomTom??

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I'm sure I also read that if you don't have a TomTom, they'll give you £50 off a TomTom which probably isn't much cheaper (considering we'er HUKDers finding bargains anyway!)

They probably have some sort of deal with TomTom...

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Clearly this one isn't for everyone but when applying for your car insurance, it's worth taking into account as Zurich aren't openly advertising this, it's tough to even search for in google, just a tidbit that could save you a little bit of money, maybe.

thanks AV1985 and dont worry about it - it is a good post and a good deal. I was just curious and a bit worried (the consipracy theorist that I am) that maybe they had some way of 'monitoring' when you drive where you drive to etc via the TomTom - similar to the blackbox thingy that i think Norwich Union are trying or doing
Its all Big Brother stuff with the CCTV cameras and reduction of civil liberties (but thats off topic!)
anyway thansk AV1985 im looking into a quote for me!

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Use this you dont need a tom … Use this you dont need a tom tomhttp://www.zurichinsurance.co.uk/insurance/landing/cm50.htm

That offer expired on 31st March.

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Wow, negative?

Why? Because not everybody has a TomTom or needs car insurance? Or because some people may get cheaper quotes elsewhere.

I thought the point of HUKD was to help people. If somebody else had posted this and it got voted cold, I would never have known that I could get £50 free vouchers from the people who are my cheapest quote anyway. And that's a pity if you ask me.

Usually before I buy anything, I search on HUKD in case there's anything I can save for that place - be it a voucher or anything. I've just learnt today that I can't just trust HUKD for those because some people on here make things extremely difficult for consumers. I was wrong when I thought that HUKD was the be all and end all of bargains and saving money.
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