50% of MOT with Autotrader and nationwide autocentres.

50% of MOT with Autotrader and nationwide autocentres.

Found 17th Jul 2009
50% of the MOT with autotrader until 30th Sept 2009.

Simply go to website and follow the advert down the right hand side on home page., or this link

Just booked mine for £27.00

Only available for class 4 vehicles it says, cars and stuff, probably small vans etc.

I have phoned up and booked mine, because the link through to nationwide autocentres has got an old date on there from 2008, still registers as £27.00, but thought it would be safer to ring up and book to make sure i was getting it for the 50% off.

Mine goes in next Tuesday so will let you know how it goes.
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Good deal
i bet it fails on something stupid
I dunno ive used them for the past 4 or 5 years with my tesco vouchers and it always passes, never had a problem
Ive never used nationwide autocentres somewhere, so am going to give them a try for 27 quid.

My car has got all new brakes, 4 new tyres, new exhausts, and seems to be running very well, so i will question anything it fails on and maybe get my local mechanic to check it out first.

Fingers crossed, it all goes ok.

Anyone else with experience of nationwide autocentres?
do u get a free retest if ur car fails
I dont know about that one, i never asked. Most do a quick reduced re-test fee...hoping it wont need a re-test.

do u get a free retest if ur car fails

After failure, fees for re-examination vary according to the following … After failure, fees for re-examination vary according to the following circumstances:If your vehicle is left with the Testing Station for repair and re-examination – NO FEEIf the vehicle is taken away from the Testing Station and returns for re-examination on other than one or more of the items listed below, then only the failed item (including any other items affected by the execution of the repair) needs to be examined by the MOT Tester, for which the Testing Station may charge (up to), half the full Test fee. Whilst this fee cannot be exceeded, the Tester may, at his or her discretion conduct a full re-inspection if at the Tester’s discretion it is deemed necessary.NOTE: It should also be noted that should a vehicle be submitted for an MOT Test whilst still having an unexpired and valid MOT pass certificate, and fail the inspection, the original pass certificate remains legally valid until it expires. However, should any vehicle have developed faults which renders it un-roadworthy in legal terms, it would be unlawful to use it on the road irrespective of whether or not it has a current and valid MOT pass certificate.“NO FEE” RE-TEST ITEMSFree re-test* items which do not require the full Test to be conducted if the vehicle is brought back to the station and re-Tested before the end of the next working day:*Only one free re-test is permissible per MOT# ANTI LOCK BRAKE SYSTEM (ABS) WARNING# BODY CONDITION(WHERE THE EXAMINATION OF THE BODY IS CARRIED OUT SOLELY FOR THE PURPOSE OF ASCERTAINING WHETHER THERE ARE ANY SHARP EDGES OR PROJECTIONS LIKELY TO CAUSE INJURY)# BOOT LID# BRAKE PEDAL ANTI-SLIP DEVICES# DIRECTION INDICATORS/ HAZARD WARNING# DOORS# DROPSIDES# EXHAUST EMISSIONS# FUEL FILLER CAP# HEADLAMP AIM# HORN# LAMPS# LOADING DOOR# MIRRORS# REAR REFLECTORS# REGISTRATION PLATES# SEAT BELTS (BUT NOT ANCHORAGES)# SEATS# STEERING WHEEL# TAILBOARD# TAILGATE# V. I. N.# WINDSCREEN# WINDSCREEN WIPERS/ WASHERS# WHEELS AND TYRES (Class III, IV and VII only)

aarrggh, just had mine done this week! typical
I used the offer from the autotrader wedsite last month, passed with flying colours, nargain for £27
Not really a great deal for me unfortunately..... I get mine done for £25 - that's full price
Remember 'Apples' that were consistently caught out by Watchdog for ripping off 9 out of 10 drivers? As Nationwide (Via a brief rename from Stop & Steer) as they are now known as still use the same dodgy employees. I have one a few doors down but wouldn't take it there.
I've used this twice. Twice my car has failed on things that other mechanics have said could do with replacing but don't have to be. Other test centres would pass them without problem. Whether this makes Nationwide a safer garage to go to because they pick these faults up or more suspect because they fail them and then make money fixing, I will leave you to decide. But the price, £27, is good.
I had my mot done by Nationwide a couple of years ago, it passed but they said it was close on emissions and I should have their fuel treatment for £29.

I thought it sounded like BS and thought that was 10x the price a tub of Reddex should be.
2 MOTs straight passes since then at another garage, no fuel treatment and exemplary emissions reports.

I prefer to use a local garage who will do things little things like changing a bulb before failing you on it.

I used the offer from the autotrader wedsite last month, passed with … I used the offer from the autotrader wedsite last month, passed with flying colours, nargain for £27

+1 :thumbsup:
I use tesco clubcard vouchers as £4 for £1 at nationwide
If you book an MOT through the 'TopCashBack site ,you can download a half price voucher.I've been to them in the past and always been quite pleased.
Had my MOT done today for £27 passed with no advisory items. The mechanic had to fix my pushbike before he did the car as I put it in the car to cycle to work on and bent all the gears. He probably felt sorry for me so didn't like to fail the car. The guy on the reception was really kind and helpful too.
I used the autotrader offer with them last year. It failed on its brakes as the rear discs were jamming and had worn really bad grooves in them and the emissions failed because no one told me if you drive like a granny like me then when they blast it for the test it puffs out a lot of crap. I had the work done by a friend and had a retest a couple of days later. They only charged me £13 for the retest which was half of the retest fee. I am certain that the failure was genuine and felt happy that they had picked up what could have been a serious fault with the brakes that is why I was happy to return this year.
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