50% off ALL designer sunglasses @ Glasses Direct
50% off ALL designer sunglasses @ Glasses Direct

50% off ALL designer sunglasses @ Glasses Direct

Got an email from them saying that they are offering 50% all of their designer sunglasses Thought it seems a good deal. The cheapest is £12 and you can get your prescription put on, on some of them.


Some look decent, might purchase. This a decent retailer?

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I have never used them myseld but I know a dew people that have and they seem ok with them.

ahh tempted..but i still dont dare as i always like to try on b4 i buy...i do want some sunglasses though...nothing too big but still trendy...hmmm descisions

bit on the lame side!

best thing is to try in a shop and then buy online.....

dont forget quidco %18 cashback and %10 off

Finding these shades expensive but the retailer is excellent as is their flawless returns policy.

You'd have to be pretty short sighted to buy from this retailer...

I had some glasses from them in January, very good prices (with Quidco cashback I ended up paying about £70 for two prescription pairs - one half frame designer, one own brand), they have a home trial service too (they'll send you up to 4 frames at a time to try on for fit and style with no obligation), and their returns system worked for me - the prescription was out on one of my pairs of glasses, although (in a perfect world) they should have got it right in the first place I was still impressed at the speed with which they got them corrected and returned to me.

I did place an order with this company a few months ago but they wanted me to send them proof of identity including photo id and a utility bill. I couldn't get a decent explanation out of them so I cancelled my order.

Is this sort of request normal??

yourlegaldealer - sometimes online companies ask for proof of id one way or another if your details attact potential fraudulent us of a card. They are looking after you as well as themselves so don't worry! A lot of fraud is done online using credite/debit cards, so it's prudent for such companies to check customers out where anything may appear suspect. Thinks that attract attention - high value orders, non-prescription designer sunglasses, 'free' email addresses, mobile phone numbers - or absence of a phone number, 'iffy' delivery addresses, different delivery addresses. It's usually a combination of several of these things, rather than one, that flags up an id check.

Inconvenient sometimes, I guess, but it protects the seller and the helps prevent greater inconvenience to the actual card-holder if the deal is fraudulent.

If your ordering prescription glasses online make sure you enter everything exactly right, and also know your true pupil distance measurement. I didnt, I tried measuring my pupils using a photo and an online tool but the glasses I orderd from select specs dont feel quite right and I cant wear them for long, so I dont bother. Where as my old tesco cheapies feel fine, although the lenses are now covered in scratches and bits of super glue from repair!.

Next time I get glasses I will just go to either ASDA or Tesco an get one of their 2 for 1 deals or something.
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