50% off All Marked Prices Including All Chart Titles @ PowerPlay Direct (Instore) (Leicester)
50% off All Marked Prices Including All Chart Titles @ PowerPlay Direct (Instore) (Leicester)

50% off All Marked Prices Including All Chart Titles @ PowerPlay Direct (Instore) (Leicester)

50% off marked price off everything in store. Including all chart titles for PS3, 360 and Wii.


Sounds great, shame the site is down, Is it instore only or online too?

The Powerplaydirect.com website is currently experiencing technical difficulties.

We are working to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Contact Powerplaydirect

For all recruitment enquiries please go to bevalued.co.uk/jobs

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As seen in the Leicester store. The queues were massive as expected.

so their website is down and i've never even seen one of their stores.


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Sorry I only know of the store offer. But if the site is down, then Im kinda guessing it may be online as well and all the traffic has crashed their servers. Unfortunately Play.com and Supermarkets like Asda and Tescos have killed off stores like this. Oh well at least it means more bargains for us.... for the moment.

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Highcross Shopping Centre, Shires Lane, City Centre, Leicester LE1 4AJ 0800 888 0881
Apparently the only still left operating. The others have ceased trading. The store was still full of music, dvds and gaming stock.

So just the one shop then? Cold!

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Just the one shop but if u live in Leicester or nearby, u wont be feeling as chilly by the posted deal!!!!!!!!

I certainly haven't been cold by this. Got Pokemon Black today for 14.49. I hopefully it will go up to 75% but I doubt there will be anything at that point

Site has been down for ages.

The crooks double charged me on another order and never replied but thankfully first direct refunded me.

thanks for the post - i have been in a few times stocking up on stuff that i wanted - shame it's closing. feel sorry for the staff. gutted i didn't wait. stuff i bought was 35% off, but that was still good. have a rubbish 7 degrees of heat. sorry, that's all i got!!

The site was down a couple of months ago due to 'technical difficulties' and I thought it was dodgy then. The same happened to DD Home Entertainment a few years back and next thing they announced they were in liquidation and I lost £30 :-(

jus went to this today, its crazyyy proper cheappp
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