50% off all NIKE - From 6pm until midnight @ CDiscount (20% Voucher also works)

50% off all NIKE - From 6pm until midnight @ CDiscount (20% Voucher also works)

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That's about it really. 50% off all NIKE - From 6pm until midnight

Few links in post below


thanks some real hot deals there

thanks andy.

cheers andy. absolute quality, 3 pairs of shorts for £15.99 with express delivery. especially considering i was gonna buy one pair with postage for £13.99 the other day! all set for barcelona trip now! the 20% off sportswear voucher works too!

Some good bargins here but no mens trainers in size 8:-( Great site though for the sporty bods amongst you......

thanks for this got some golf balls n tops for my golfing trip this weekend

Excellent deal.... 50% and some are even more.

Thanks Andy

vdefo voted hot...

Brilliant thanks

Excellent deals, especially with the 20% code ! .... (and quidco)!!

Couple of things went out of stock while going thru checkout so get the orders in quick

Father Christmas;5631832

Excellent deals, especially with the 20% code ! .... (and quidco)!!Couple … Excellent deals, especially with the 20% code ! .... (and quidco)!!Couple of things went out of stock while going thru checkout so get the orders in quick

Damn forgot quidco - would have probably lost my orders if I had messed around - thanks - got some nice shorts and t-shirts:thumbsup:

Cheers! Though someone brought the trainers I wanted when they were already in my basket :x


How do you get free-delivery? My express-delivery option is greyed-out and it's not letting me select it.


No free delivery for me either. My order was just over 30 quid, maybe you have to spend more

Crapp I could have got free delivery? DAMN

Thank you for the heads up! Finally brought some much need running equipment.:thumbsup:

Just ordered a pair of running shoes.
Great value.
Use the code "sports20" for sports gear for more discount.

Great stuff, thanks a million Andy

how do you get free delivery then? I ordered without it - couldn't see a code anywhere.

Their rrp's look a bit dodgy....

is anyone else having probs putting a mobile number in for a new account?

Just ordered with the 20% off, thanks

Hot hot hot! Thanks.


is anyone else having probs putting a mobile number in for a new account?

Just use the same for home and mobile, should be fine :thumbsup:

I think some of you might be disappointed.

Having used cdiscount before I know that when they have sold out it doesn’t warn you before you hit buy.

I just filled the my basket of things I wanted and just before I went to buy I changed the quantities to say 2 and then back to 1. that way it tells you if they are in stock.

6 items I wanted were in stock when I hit buy but are now out of stock.

Disappointed :x

the following code seems to be accepted as well,dont know when it shows in your account though.

Get £10 Account Credit with all orders from CDiscount when using this Discount Code

Hot deal but the site is absolute garbadge.

After trying to get the site to accept my number they then went out of stock of the trainer i wanted, so i went for the next one, after putting all the details after the payment details it brings me right back to my basket. lots of time wasted.

don't forget quidco upto 10%

I don't think there is any free delivery. The express delivery is the same price as the standard, except its quicker. The free thing is just that you get a free upgrade of delivery type.

For mobile and phone number, try not putting any spaces in.

white nike board shorts are awesome, my size is gone so im goin to eat more pies, cheers

10% quidco

Put a few items in the basket and when I was just about to check out, I looked at the basket again and realised I didnt need half the stuff! Cancelled the order...

Cheers. got the Nike Mens Air Pegasus+ for £25 (also put in the £10 off code but i'll be surprised if that works) and quidco. Awaiting conformation.

Even with del charges, prices are a steal. Hot hot hot.

just wanted to say a big thank to andy , i always wanted to buy a nike shoes for my son, but couldnot afford one, untill now i got a lovely nike shoes for my son costing only £17.95 including postage. great bargain , big thank you again from me

Great find thanks.
Cashback through Topcashback aswell as Quidco.
Forgot either but used the 20% code.

Ordered some board shorts and Tiger Woods golf shirts. The 20% code only seemed to take around 10% off but never mind - it covered my postage. Also - please note that the 10ACCDT code gives 10% of your order total as account credit, not £10. Still not to be sniffed at. With Quidco into the bargain this is an excellent deal.

Anyone got confirmation of thier order. Did mine 1/2 hour ago and nothing in my email account, or am I being hasty.
Edit: sorry, it was in my spam.

it looks like theres no getting around the delivery BUT you can get express for free.

Got goalie top for 5, goalie shorts for 4, and rooney shirt for 4. nice nice nice thread. thank you. £15.39 all in

Awsome deal. heat +++++ got trainers delivered for £14.99 (as had some credit on the account that I have never used). Well pleased

Big thank you to OP, heat and rep added.

Just got my order in before 12 but didnt get the golf balls i really wanted. It went from quantity 2 to 1 to out of stock :x , did i really need the other stuff? Prob not but i feel good :roll:
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