50% off Bike Silver Service! Was £50 Now £25 at Halfords with 02 Priority Moments

50% off Bike Silver Service! Was £50 Now £25 at Halfords with 02 Priority Moments

Found 15th May 2016
Prepare your bike for Summer with 50% off a silver bike service from Halfords. For just £25, our expert bike mechanics will give your bike a comprehensive check and adjustment to help keep you on the move.

Here's what's included as part of the service...

-Checking frame and other core components for wear and damage.

- Checking that wheels are true and hubs, spokes, rims and tyres for damage.

- Alignment of brakes and checking operation and effectiveness.

- Lubricating chain and checking for wear.

- Inspecting brake pads for wear and damage.

- Setting gear stops and adjustment of indexing.

- Checking front chainwheel, rear sprockets/cassette for wear.

- Inspecting bottom bracket for play and adjustment

- Checking alignment and wear of front and rear mechanics

- Checking bearings, crank bolts and pedals for wear and damage

- Inflating tyres to correct pressures.

- Ensuring set up and positioning of the bike is the most comfortable positioning for you.
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Shame Halfords are horrific when it comes to bikes
My LBS charges £25 for a service. Would rather go to them. At least you'll know it's done properly.
Seems a lot of "checks" but not a lot of adjustments, is that all extra?
Not really a service is it? More of a check over and a bit of oil on the chain ...

Certainly not worth £25 - if you are unsure how to do this yourself, just watch a bit of youtube (lots on there to show you how to maintain your bike properly)
Wouldn't let Halfords within hundred yards of my bike.

I had my bike serviced with Halford the other year. Got it back and noticed my pannier rack was bent with a knock on it. I questioned them and they said wasn't our staff. Couldn't argue it. Wouldn't use em again.
....''our expert bike mechanics''......, er, which ones would those be then?

Wouldn't let Halfords within hundred yards of my bike.

​same her
had real bad experience. Halfords
The only time we took one of our bikes into Halfords was because our local bike shop couldn't fit my husbands bike in for a quick repair. Halfords were supposed to do a quick fix, from memory something like a new cable. Anyway in error they did a full service, replaced loads of bits and gave him a huge bill when he went to pick it up.
He refused to pay apart from the cable it was booked in for and they said they wouldn't release the bike to him until they had taken off all the new parts they had put on it and put all his old bits back oO Took several visits and phone calls to get them to give the bike back and acknowledge that as it was their error they would have to accept that we would get the service and associated parts for free. Very much doubt they even had all his old parts to put back on, they just seemed to think if they argued long enough we would give up and pay their bill.
I wouldn't let Halfrauds service a knife and fork set,let alone anything with moving parts.
if you want to higher your blood pressure then service your bike with Halfrouds. never again. bunch of lairs.
This is worth about £5, possibly less. As others have said, do it yourself.

​same her

depends if she was hot or not to be honest, might forgive her for ruining a bike if she has a nice body

if you want to higher your blood pressure then service your bike with … if you want to higher your blood pressure then service your bike with Halfrouds. never again. bunch of lairs.

lairs and chicks, Halfords sure has changed since my last visit

heat added as Halfords sounds awesome these days
I remember buying a bike from Halfords many years ago, the only time I have bought a bike from Halfords and they were excellent. It was very well assembled and configured. I did think about assembling myself which was an option but risked it. I think with Halfords the same as independent bike shops you have to find out if the service department is competent before taking your bike there. I don't think its fair to accuse all Halfords as poor for servicing just like you wouldn't for all independent bike dealers of which some are very poor. I also think its one of the few places where you can buy a cheap bike especially children's bikes where they will setup the bike for you as part of the price which is much safer than the option of buying children's bikes from other stores who will not setup at all and the parent(s) do a poor job of setting up the bike for their child especially brakes. The way I see it Halfords are not the best or the worst option available.
I was looking for chainring replacment at halfords and lady behind the till didn't even know that they can be replaced separetaly... shame
My mate is a halfords bike 'mechanic'. He doesn't cycle and got the job with no bike maintenance experience- he is responsible for carrying out safety checks on their bikes- This lad doesn't even know how to fix a puncture!!
And here's where the problem lies with Halfords. Your mate knows nothing.
My son is in charge of his department.
As a child, he was very into his bikes - by 12, he could strip down his BMXes and rebuild them perfectly (bearing in mind these weren't 10p BMXes - these were things like Felt factory frames, most of which were hand-me-downs from older friends, many of whom were factory sponsored)

As he got older, he started building downhill bikes. If you know anything about cycling, you'll know that downhill racing is not something you want your kids doing - it usually involves lots of broken things that aren't always bike related. So safety was paramount. I would absolutely trust him with a bike - it's one thing he takes absolute pride in.

Now, the question is, why isn't he working for some small independent specialist? Well, because they're few and far between. Everything is online now. The ones that do exist are running on such small margins that they either can't afford full-time staff or pay bobbins. And not to mention absolutely no career progression.

So rather than everyone make an assumption that Halfords are absolute bobbins, go in, have a chat with the bike specialist and find out what they know. I know most real bike nuts will be able to strip their own bike down and service it properly, but 90% of us regular people wouldn't know how to do decent adjustments other than seat and handlebars!

A final note, something he pointed out to me, if you buy the "Service pack" when you buy a bike, you get a free silver service every year not to mention additional warranty. It's not like a PC World extended warranty where 50% of it goes to the salesman as a bonus - Halfords folk aren't on commission (yes, they have targets, but they are storewide and don't have a bonus attached)
The correct Servicing for silver is this:
Wipe down frame, forks & wheels.
Check for damage to frame, forks, tyres and components.
Check the mounting and alignment of both brakes & adjust if necessary.
Remove and replace inner brake cables (price includes cables).
Inspect brakes for wear / damage and condition of pads.
Check for operation of brakes & Adjust if Necessary.
Remove and Replace inner Gear Cables (price includes cables)
Check both gear mechs for wear / damage and adjust limit stops as requires.
Check operation of gears and adjust if necessary.
Inspect chain for wear. Lubricate if ok replace if not (chain chargeable).
Inspect front chain-rings and rear cassette/freewheel.
Check bottom bracket for play.
Examine both wheels and tyres - including checking brake surfaces and tread condition and inflate tyres to correct air pressure.
Remove and inspect wheels for wear / damage to hubs, bearings, spokes, rims and tyres.
check both wheels run true and true if necessary.
check stem/aheadset alignment and security & tighten to manufacturer torque setting.
check security of handlebar lamp & handlebar mounted controls and tighten to manufacturer torque settings.
Inspect both pedals for wear and tear.
Check both crank arms for damage and Tighten both crank arms to manufacturer torque settings.
Inspect (were fitted) front suspension fork and check for worn seals and oil leakage and inflate forks to correct pressure for rider's weight.
Inspect (were fitted) rear suspension unit for damage / leakage - tighten mounting points to manufacturer torque settings and inflate to rider's weight.
Inspect (were fitted) all suspension linkages / pivots and bushes and remove, relube and replace as required.
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