50% off Boots Soltan Suntan lotion plus BOGOF
50% off Boots Soltan Suntan lotion plus BOGOF

50% off Boots Soltan Suntan lotion plus BOGOF

I was in my local boots today (whitley bay) and the had last years stock of soltan suntan lotion reduced to half price, I picked up 6 bottles for my hols this year and when I went to the till they were also on BOGOF, I got 6 bottles of the ONCE application lotion for £17. They also have BOGOF on this seasons soltan lotions. On top of that I got a £5 voucher off no 7/ruby and millie

Factor 40 was reduced to £6.00
Factor 30 was reduced to £5.75
Factor 25 was reduced to £5.50
Factor 8 was reduced to £5.25

They also had nivea and piz buin reduced to half price (last years) however this wasnt on BOGOF


They sound worth stocking up on for this years holidays but when do they expire?

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there was no expiry date on them so i presumed they were ok. I'd say they'd be fine for this summer anyway

cant deny good deal...but wud stay away from that if its going on my skin/kids skin.

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why is that??

I dont know about this brand in particular but I know Amre solaire is awful stuff, my girlfriend and I both come up in terrible rashes if we use it.

The guide I go buy is look at the ingredients on the back and if they use titanium oxide in it it's ok, but if it has aluminium oxide in it (like the ambre solaire) it's cheap and nasty.

When I do buy suntan cream I generally stick to Nivea who seem to use titanium oxide, but there is a limited info when buying online :-(
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