50% off Calendars at VistaPrint

50% off Calendars at VistaPrint

Found 19th Sep 2009
50% off custom printed calendars


Be extremely careful when dealing with Vistaprint. I ordered some stuff from them and discovered that just by doing that, they had enrolled me into some sort of discount scheme. You have to phone them up and opt out of the scheme, otherwise they'll take money out of your credit card account every month.

Used vistaprint a few times now an only ever had one issue with them (print quality) but they sent me replacements in the post within a couple of weeks, no questions asked.
Never had a problem with the discount scheme, think it must have started since i registered but would advise your read the terms very carefully, otherwise hot.

I use Vistaprint quite often and have never come across this. Are you sure you didn't press the wrong button somewhere? I will look out for it, though and avoid it. Otherwise I find the quality and service very good. I always opt for the "slow" dispatch service - the item usually arrives sooner than they say it will!

after you complete your order you get one of those "click here to obtain 20% off your next order blah blah".
If you click and don't read the T&C it signs you up to a discount scheme that charges a monthly fee.
Just don't click

I've used them for years and NEVER had a prob with them taking money and they've never signed me up to their discount scheme either. Yes, I get a lot of email offers from them but I don't mind. Get all my Christmas cards printed with kids on them, photo magnets and calendars too. The caricature pens are dead good as well!

All I can say to those people who haven't been caught by them: you're very lucky. Just have a look on the internet and google for "vistaprint" and "scam" there are literally thousands and thousands of entries.
Also, check your credit card statements, just in case you haven't noticed :-)
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