50% off Christmas food at Aldi
My local ALDI (Witham) has 50% off a lot of Christmas food... I imagine this is available nationally.

Scallops 240g £2.49
Smoked salmon £1.49
Salmon parcels x4 £2.99
Cheese platters £1.29
1/4 circle Stiltons £1.29
2 Maine lobster tails

Also had a fair amount of meat on offer..
Whole turkeys -50%
Lamb chops
Pork loins

Some of the sliced meats.

Most of this food is freezable too.

Merry Christmas!


Same in wakefield, were doing reductions at 8.30am

Been waiting for these, looks like i might be late

Are there any fresh turkeys available?

Seen these discounts also in Howdon, Tyne and Wear about 9am this morning - just the seafood type stuff (that no one in the house likes) and the smelly cheeses (that I like, but the wife won't want stinking the fridge out). 50% off most of the aforementioned items and 30% off the cheese selection.

Notice left in my local, apart from birds, which they're restocking with 50% off. Nibbles only really duck selection left

Lots still left in Blackpool oxford square. Waiting till last minute has worked out well for me!

The scallops were £5 yesterday so not sure how £2.99 is half price

I held out last year and nothing was reduced. Bought my Christmas food from there yesterday, bah!

couldn't see much discounted in West Derby, Liverpool

Some of this will be walking out on it's own soon.........it's getting awfully close to that use by date

Not in Wellingborough Road store, Northampton.

Overheard west African lady giving member of management team a hard time about them having no reductions:

"It's down to each individual store and we aren't likely to have the budget to allow any reductions until January at the earliest."

Scallops still £5...

Just got our 7Kg turkey at 50% off, saving us nearly £14. Quite a few left. Thanks OP.

Cheese selections for 99p


Thank you for this post. Went to my local Aldi at around 3 pm and all of the turkeys were half price - managed to pick one up for £9.24, so well pleased.


couldn't see much discounted in West Derby, Liverpool

Probably been 5 finger discounted already

Apart from the turkey which I'm now sick of Where's the Christmas food?

Did they go lower than 50%, I wasn't risking leaving it too late and am more than happy getting 15 quid of my Turkey, which also saved me storing the big fecker!!

One year we'll end with a birdless dinner for my insistence that Xmas eve and half price is the way forward.
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