50% off clearance on selected wooden storage Plus Quidco @Marks&Spencer
50% off clearance on selected wooden storage Plus Quidco  @Marks&Spencer

50% off clearance on selected wooden storage Plus Quidco @Marks&Spencer

50% off clearance on selected wooden storage. Your discount will be shown during checkout
Still available to order but not sure the extra 15% code is not working

Square Wood Breadbin was £15.00 now £7.50

Wood Sugar Jar Was £5.00 now £2.50

Wood Tea Jar was £5.00 now £2.50

Wood Coffee Jar was £5.00 now £2.50

Wood Biscuit Jar Was £7.50 now £3.75


Just got all 5 items delivered using codes on original post for £13.12!! use 15% off code and free delivery also

• Wood Sugar Jar - 02125107

Qty: 1 Price: £5.00
• Wood Coffee Jar - 02124896

Qty: 1 Price: £5.00
• Square Wood Breadbin - 02118277

Qty: 1 Price: £15.00
• Wood Biscuit Jar - 03298060

Qty: 1 Price: £7.50
• Wood Tea Jar - 02125589

Qty: 1 Price: £5.00
Delivery service: Standard Shipping
Estimated despatch date: 20 May, 2008

Items delivering to:

Subtotal of items: £37.50
Delivery charges: £3.50
Gift wrap: -
Free Delivery: -£3.50
Promotion applied: -£18.75
Promotion applied: -£5.63
Balance to pay: £13.12

voted hot top spot!!

cheers starlight, hot

Just ordered many thanks

Awesome, thanks


Looks like Xmas is sorted for someone:santa::gift:

Says on the website Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer will this not get cancelled if you use the 15% off as well ?

hey nice one....just ordered, heat added.....thank you!

Cheers starlight, nice find and 5% Quidco as well! Voted HOT

Ordered the tea, coffee & sugar Jars, used the 15% off , total £8.75 :thumbsup:

Thanks voted hot :thumbsup: just ordered but unfortunately the biscuit jar out of stock, so will need to wait for it to come back and hope there will be another code flying about :-D

Biscuit jar out of stock now but the rest available - excellent deal. Thanks to OP.

Great Find - Ordered a 2 sets !!

Excellent!!HOT HOT HOT!!!

Just had a £10.50 order track as a purchase of £30 with earnings of £1.50 making bread, sugar, tea and coffee containers delivered for £9 total.

Great deal...gone for the full set (minus the biscuit jar) for £10.50 :-D
Thanks Starlight !

me too voted hot

Superb, paid full price for the breadbin last month but it arrived damaged so had to return it! Went for the £10.50 option + quidco. Remember to delete cookies (not out of the biscuit jar I'm afraid!) before using quidco especially if you've used the hotukdeals link to have a look at the deal first.

Great find, pity the biscuit tin was no longer there, but I have a feeling it would not be big enought for my family. :thumbsup:

Nice one :-) Shame biccy one gone, ordered the rest.

After the reading the posts after mine and seeing my error, I cancelled my order, re-ordered under a different email, added the bread bin for an extra 1.75 after using the free delivery code. Excellent deal, BARGAINl!! :thumbsup:

Ordered full set minus biscuit jar £10.50 Should be £30.00 inc postage

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Bargain voted well hot!

biscuit tin now in stock just cancelled my original order and re ordered to get all items for £13.12. Bargain!

Happy to receive this, someone questioned whether using free del and 15% may see the order cancelled

Not so:-D

Dear Mr Holt,

Thanks for your recent order, the following items have been despatched for delivery:

Qty Item Price Despatched Subtotal
1 Wood Tea Jar £5.00 1 £5.00
1 Square Wood Breadbin £15.00 1 £15.00
1 Wood Coffee Jar £5.00 1 £5.00
1 Wood Sugar Jar £5.00 1 £5.00
1 Wood Biscuit Jar £7.50 1 £7.50
Item(s) Subtotal: £37.50
Delivery charges: £3.50
Order Subtotal: £41.00
Free Delivery: - £3.50
Promotion applied: - £18.75
Promotion applied: - £5.63
Total for this order: £13.12
Paid by: Visa: £13.12

Please note, this email indicates our acceptance of your offer to purchase the above.

Voted HOT

Hi All

If you are having trouble getting hold of the wooden biscuit jar online, Marks and Spencer Pantheon Oxford Street store had 2 left after I got one myself yesterday afternoon. Marked up as £7.50 and paid £2.25 after the offers in store - 50% off wooden storage and 20% off Home Event.

Go get em!

Hi All, got an email from M&S saying they've cancelled my biscuit jar as not available, anyone else got this email? Downsider, I get no free delivery now as that had brought up my total to 30 pounds
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