50% Off Crocs Shoes in the Sale
50% Off Crocs Shoes in the Sale

50% Off Crocs Shoes in the Sale

For all those who missed the 60% off Crocs deal at Sweetfeet, here's another chance for cheap Crocs although it is only 50% off this time, however, they seem to have a lot more stock in more sizes than Sweetfeet had.
NOTE: prices are in Euro not £.
I've filled my boots already (pun intended) so see if you can bring Crocs own site to a crawl like you managed with Sweetfeet.


Not surprising really that they have a lot of stock, they are VERY expensive considering they have the discount applied. 40 Euro for a pair of Mammoths after discount PLUS 10 Euro shipping is not my idea of a bargain - sorry but voted cold.

I have just been back on sweetfeetshoes site & there are, if you persevere a few sizes in various styles available, you just have to click through all colours. (noticed cayman & capri to name 2) Don't forget BC01 code to take off a further 10%. :thumbsup: Hurry the deal ends soon!

Shoes that you wear in an abattoir!

I'd wear these over my own dead body!
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