50% off Denby Tableware Gift Sets for four @ Amazon - £99.97 delivered !
50% off Denby Tableware Gift Sets for four  @ Amazon  - £99.97 delivered !

50% off Denby Tableware Gift Sets for four @ Amazon - £99.97 delivered !

Get more than 50% Off Denby Tableware Gift Sets @ Amazon! Also some good reductions on other Denby products.

These gift sets would make great prezzies and have been reduced to £99.97 delivered and are available in matt black, imperial blue and white. Box Contents:

4x Dinner Plates | 4x Tea Plates | 4x Soup/Cereal Bowls | 4x Mugs
4x Jet Red Wine Glasses| 4x Tablemats | 4x Coasters | 4x Napkins | 1 Tablerunner


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[LEFT][SIZE=2]Here's the description for the Denby Jet Complete Tableware Gift Set For Four ( matt black )[/SIZE][/LEFT]

[COLOR=darkslateblue]Manufacturer's Description[/COLOR]

A smart combination of gloss and matt black that looks great in cool urban settings. Its bold colours have a distinctive city feel, but with soft curves Jet is anything but hard edged. This exclusive tableware kit has been designed to bring together coordinating Denby ceramics, glass and accessories to give you the perfect look to your table.

[SIZE=2]Everybody knows great food looks and tastes better if it's well presented. Every piece of Denby has been designed for cooking, serving and eating food. Anyone who owns Denby will tell you how versatile it is and how good it feels.
[SIZE=2]Denby can handle itself in the busiest of kitchens. From the smallest cup to the biggest casserole, all our ceramic pieces can be used with confidence in the microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer. And it's all ovenproof.

Box Contents

[/SIZE][SIZE=2]4x Dinner Plates
[SIZE=2]4x Tea Plates
[/SIZE][SIZE=2]4x Soup/Cereal Bowls
[/SIZE][SIZE=2]4x Mugs, 4x Jet Red Wine Glasses, 4x Tablemats, 4x Coasters, 4x Napkins, 1 Tablerunner [/SIZE]


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love them, many thanks, going to order the black set as just having kitchen refitted in black gloss units, so will look great together.:thumbsup:

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Oh it will look fab! The black one is my favourite too Thanks sofiamary

The Debenhams sales/codes tend to offer better deals on the tableware sets, mine were down to £35...but its nice to see glasses, mats, and napkins included in this one.

Amazon is also 3.5% cashback at some cashback sites.


Amazon is also 3.5% cashback at some cashback sites.

Which sites are these?

For those with Nectar cards don't forget you can get Nectar points via Nectar ]eStores with Amazon purchases.

I love Denby stuff, but then I would as I come from that neck of the woods :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the info

Still says 50% off,but prices start @ £127.99 now.Last time i looked when this was posted they were £99.Strange.:?
Expired maybe?

Just ordered this in blue and paid only £57.95 delivered with the BLITZEN1 30% off code!!

I was so impressed with the price I bought two.

Thanks OP - just fired in for the white set.


Thanks OP - just fired in for the white set.

Same here, wife's chuffed to bits :roll:

Came in at £53:75 delivered with the code!

great find! - just got the blue to supplement our existing plates and bowls - cheaper than seconds....

Using the BLITZEN1 discount code this is a very good deal compared with debenhams .....

For the 16piece dinner sets WITH glasses, placemats etc. at Amazon these are ...
Jet - £102.18
Imperial Blue - £57.95
White - £53.75

Whereas on Debenhams website today (including sale reductions) and without the extras these are.....
Jet - £138.75
Imperial Blue - £132
White - £72

Plus with Amazon you can get free delivery so don't have to lug them home!

Thanks nice spot.

I tried the Blitzen code against the jet denby set to no avail although it works for the blue and white.(This order does not meet the eligibility requirements for this offer. Please refer to the details in your promotional offer for further information.). The aforementioned comes up. Any thoughts?

Superb deal! Thanks very much. Went for the blue one with a few extra wine glasses. ~£57

excellent just ordered 2 blue ones using the blitzen code!
must stop looking at this site now as i'm fast going skint!
It's addictive..any hotukdeals anonymous groups near me??? :-D:-D

Great post thanks, ordered 2 white sets with code for £107.49 delivered.:)

Just ordered a white set for £53 delivered , absolute bargain for a quality set .
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