50% OFF Everything @Allposters Expires tomorrow

50% OFF Everything @Allposters Expires tomorrow

Found 28th Jan
50% OFF Everything - site wide

Automatically discounted.


Expires 29.01.18
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Shipping cost me £3.95 on a ten quid order so I didn't proceed.
Cheap prices I spose
High shipping cost would presumably be because they'll use a reinforced tube to keep our lovely posters from damage. I don't often shop for posters anybody used them before??
£3.95 shipping min is a bit of a killer really but I did find 3 things I wanted and did buy them so - heat!
Used them a few times in the past ,no problems at all
I have used them for a couple of film posters. Mixed results, to be honest. The posters were reproductions (as expected) - one was good quality, the other (Spirited Away poster) was poor quality, fuzzy, badly printed, text unclear.
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