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50% off Judge Dredd Comics (300+ pages) Physical+Digital - from £5 @ 2000AD
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50% off Judge Dredd Comics (300+ pages) Physical+Digital - from £5 @ 2000AD

Posted 6th Mar

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Dredd themed sale and the Case File Comics sometimes only go on sale once a year or if not once every 2-3 years. Rebellion don’t like to put these particular books on sale as often as Marvel/DC does theirs.

50% off.

Digital if bought through the Website offer pdf/cbs so you can read them in any app you want or on a p.c or if you download the app and made an account you can load them into their official Comic App.

there’s free digital comics too on their app.

Yes the Physical Print books are onsale too if you still prefer Paper Books. £7.99/£9.99 instead of £15.99/£19.99

Ends March 10th

If you don’t mind Digital Comics the Case Files are a good deal, they collect pretty much every Dredd Comic since his first appearance in the 2000ad Comic - the early Volumes are as big as say an old telephone book or a Catalogue (384ish pages) - if you are too young to remember telephone books.

They are normally £20 in Print but £8-10 on sale but only £5 in digital in this sale, the newer ones are a bit thinner probably about the size of an argos catalogue or a bit smaller. You can probably see on the size of the spines in the picture above

I as well as others always recommend Case Files 5 as a start if you don’t own any, it has some of the best 80’s Dredd stories all in one book. (Judge Death Lives, Block Mania & Apocalypse War and more all in one book) since book number 1 doesn’t seem to be on sale.

Other books onsale

Judge Dredd - Cold Wars
Judge Dredd - Nobody Apes the Law
The Daily Dredds Vol 1 & 2 (reprints of the daily star newspaper strips from the 80’s)
Art of Dredd
The Restricted Files (bonus Dredd Comics not in the case files from Annuals etc)
The Carlos Ezquerra Collection (R.I.P)
Total War
Tour of Duty Megacity One & The Backlash

Happy 43rd Anniversary to Judge Dredd for yesterday & 40th to Judge Anderson Today
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Great. I read these when I was a kid and not touched them since. Heat for the post, going to take advantage.

CBZ files not cbs in the OP, I made a typo

another good thing about this sale, apparently Comic prices are increasing by up to an extra 25% now on Comixology even during sales but not this one users on Comixologyhave noticed that even their current sales when they used go be 69p for a discounted single issue they are now 99p as one example and the books that used to go onsale for £2.99 are now £5.99 onsale, Comixology Users say that Brexit has effected the price increase.

I can confirm buying these books from Rebellion everytime there’s a sale on these case files in the past £4.99 is the cheapestor sometimes they have been more even on sale, that may have something to do with Rebellion being a British Company though. But I wouldn’t be suprised if next time they are onsale in a year or three there’s a 25% increase.

Not that Dredd was sold on Comixology anyway, well not the good dredd, only the meh Dredd from IDW Publishing was on there.
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I am the law
Anthrax "I am the law" & Dredd combo.

This movie needs a sequel.
Derek_Fortescue_Shatwell06/03/2020 18:53

Anthrax "I am the law" & Dredd combo.[Video] This movie needs a sequel.

It’s getting a TV show...one day, well it got announced in 2017, it was supposed to be out in 2019 but they still haven’t started, don’t even know if Urban is going to be in it or not now he’s busy with The Boys, I think they will make a huge mistake without him though.
Damn, seems like number 5 is out!
Jetpac06/03/2020 20:34

Damn, seems like number 5 is out!

Don’t worry just click the word paperback if it’s that that you want or digital, I don’t know why it’s like that now a glitch probably

40057518-xiJxO.jpgClick whichever you want where it’s underlined and then

Click again which one you want maybe again the box that highlights which edition you want, a bit silly but there we go. That should work.
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