50% off Mountain warehouse online today only

50% off Mountain warehouse online today only

Found 13th Apr
Saw it on facebook, i've had a couple of mountain warehouse items and they've always been grand for the prices. Also have an ebay store which seems to be similarly priced.
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Is this off everything?
Looking after family tent. Nothing
Just be warned 50% off the recommended price is their normal discount...
Trousers i was looking at the other day exactly same price today
Their rrp prices are ridiculous. I was looking in their store for a cheap cap recently and their basic unbrandedbaseball-type cap had an rrp of £19.99 - ‘reduced’ to £9.99.
Maybe if it was 100% off
always on sale.
Bought some jackets for the family and trousers apparently all for the slopes and weatherproof etc., needless to say all the jackets did not breath so everyone overheated, in the rain they all were less than waterproof, the stuff here is very sub standard and cheap so suggest you buy elsewhere as you really get what you pay for. Garbage.

Unless you are not planning to go near snow / water or like to sit in your own sweat if getting hot then go for it.
Good products, but the whole permanent 50% off thing is a bit misleading. As it should really just be that price and not masquerade as some sort of discount! Good quality products which are cheap at that discounted price though
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