50% off (or more) Books at Amazon
50% off  (or more) Books at Amazon

50% off (or more) Books at Amazon

Some great deals at Amazon at the moment. I almost bought Chris Moyles book at the airport last week at £16.99, lucky I didn't as I've just ordered it at £8.49.


Just watch out with the postage - at £2.75 for a book, it often makes them more expensive than other retailers.

Case in point - the Chris Moyles book. It's actually 25p cheaper at Play.com once you've added Amazon's postage cost!

Also, the majority of other retailers give Quidco cashback, whereas Amazon don't.

Unless you make the order up to at least £15 you'll be charged £2.75 p+p at amazon (total price £11.24)

You can get the Chris Moyles book for £10.99 delivered from play.com

Edit: beaten to it :oops:

Nice thing about amazon is that they are easy to cancel orders with, especicially when the goods have not yet been dispatched

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Yeah sorry I forgot to add that I did add to the order to over £15 in order to qualify for free delivery. Easily achievable with such great deals.

Great minds stomping on deals alike! :-D

But yes, unless you make your order up to £14.96 or more (you can get free postage down to that amount) then they're often not the cheapest.

Always worth hunting around! ]http//ww…om/
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