50% off Philips Senseo coffee pod machine £29.99 @ Argos

50% off Philips Senseo coffee pod machine £29.99 @ Argos

Found 30th Nov 2010
50% off Philips Senseo coffee machines (original machine only). Excludes delivery.

A great Xmas gift for anyone who enjoys coffee..!
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That's a great price. Just reserved one for my step daughter for Uni as she loves ours. Thanks.
How much are the pods? Where do you buy them?
Yey.Waiting for the sub £30 mark.Reserved one.
You can get the pods from all supermarkets for about 15p each (30p fo cappucinos).Sometimes Lidl etc has them on deal.They can be found on the web from Holland for about 10p, or if u can go to shops in Holland they are less than 5 penny pieces.
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We bought one for £30. They're ok but the pods are expensive. There are places online that sell '3rd party' pods but for the life of me I can't recall what site it was (hopefully someone will remember and post the sites).

You can even make your own pods from memory.
Lidl sell cheap pods. Around £1.50 for 18 IIRC.
Bought one of these about 4 years back when they were around the £80 mark i think.Used it for a couple of months but have to admit the coffee was awful so ditched it for a different brand of coffee maker.So if you really like a good shop quality coffee then might not be for you but not a bad price,although i believe Argos did them for this price last year but as soon as xmas was over price went back up.
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Tesco knock out douwe egberts pods at £2.19 for 18. We had one of these at centre parcs ast week. considering getting one at this price....

Or do people think the Bosch Tassimo or something else is better???
Haven't tried this one, but absolutely love my tassimo!
How does this compare with a Tassimo as the pods seem a lot cheaper?
Thanks OP.
I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago as a Christmas present for £38.
I have just reserved one for tomorrow at £30 and I am going to take this other one back.
Lidl's pods are great - much nicer than the 'official' Douwe Egberts ones.

They come in 3 blends and are cheaper too; at £1.50 for 18.
Are their other pods available from Lidl besides coffee? For example chot chocolate, etc? Are those available for this machine? Missed out on the Dolce Gusto offer recently. Thanks.
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Just put the kettle on ya lazy gits!
I've got one of these - I use it loads, really convenient for me working from home. Also, luckily for me the local pound shop(Leicester Queens Road) quite often sells the pods for ...you guessed it £1 for a big bag apart from that they are usually over £2 a bag but you get quite a few in a bag.
I got one this machine same time last year when it was half price.

We've had various coffee machines gadgets over the years, but this is the only one that has lasted, is used regularly and still going strong.

We have tried the Lidl coffees, but personally don't find them as nice as the Douwe Egberts Senseo pods.

The best place we have found to purchase them is in France!

We picked up loads while on holiday in the summer, although we've just about run out now unforunately.
buy a senseo

buy a "coffeeduck" off ebay for less than a tenner

use decent espresso ground coffee

therefore no need to buy pods plus MUCH nicer
Bought one of these last year from Comet for my partner. Only £24.99 then

buy a senseobuy a "coffeeduck" off ebay for less than a tenneruse decent … buy a senseobuy a "coffeeduck" off ebay for less than a tenneruse decent espresso ground coffeetherefore no need to buy pods plus MUCH nicer

reusable pods
Love Our Senseo - We have the Latte - frothy milk affair. Senseo is not to everyone's taste. We used to get our pods in bulk from CoffePodShop but the delivery costs went up too much. So a switch to DirectCoffeePods seems to be about the cheapest.
Look for the special offers etc. They always send a load of small freebies as well.
I prefer the Extra Dark Roast and have a double podder in a mug most mornings. I sort of like the fact that the only thing you throw in the bin is the used paper pod and the grains within. No little plastic pots and silver foil lids.
Its real easy to use and to clean etc. The Coffee Duck (roll your own pod) are great, but messy to clean. They take a bit of practise to get the right amount of coffee, not to loosely/tightly tamped down, to get a nice fresh cup.
This is our second Senseo - we literally wore the other one out.

There are many, much superior machines out there ...but for us, this is quick and clean, and relatively cheap if you search around for Bulk buy pods.
lidl pods are bogging imo, noticed the pods have gone up 10p a bag in the supermarkets with the exception of co-op who have banged about 35p on a bag. will be getting a duck
Had mine for over 2 years now and although it looks a bit shabbier than it once did it is still going strong. After having said that, moving onto a Dolce Gusto this christmas (swayed after a demo at costco).

Always liked this machine though - the only thing that has put me off recently is that Asda, our local supermarket, has stopped doing the cup sized dark roasts (my favourite strength) and now only does mug pods.

Anyway - at this price it is definitely worth a go and I would heartily recommend it. Heated up!

reusable pods

Thanks for this mate. Just ordered the eco pads and took a quick look around and seem to be a good price and postage is only £1.99 which I think is reasonable.

I was just talking to my boyfriend about the idea that there should be reusable pods that you can fill with the coffee of your choice yesterday as I didn't know they existed so this is great.

Anyone able to give any feedback on making hot chocolate in this?
the ebay coffee ducks are only 9.49, free postage

very little helps
Another coffee maker that received poor review by Which magazine
Heat added, looks good thanks, ordered to collect tomorrow
Voted Hot
Just went and picked one up from local Argos tonight after seeing this. Tried out my first coffee and just as nice as the Tassimo I have had in the past. Enjoyed the cream layer on top especially!

The fact you can get the coffeeduck though makes this an excellent purchase imho.
You get what you pay for, not that great better off with Nespresso
I've had a Senseo for the last 3 years and use almost everyday. At £29.99 it really is a must buy if you love good coffee. The Douwe Egberts pods taste awesome but the Lidl pods although not quite so good still taste nice and at a great price. The best way to make coffee though is to use the refillable Ecco pods it works out cheaper and you have so many styles of coffee to choose from. I found the ecco pods better than the coffee duck personally. If you want to buy pods you'll find you have the best choice online I recommend an ebay seller called double_dee coffeepods as they have such a huge selection of pods including chocolate for the person who asked.

A quick tip - always heat the milk for 30 seconds in the microwave as the coffee the Senseo produces is not boiling hot as that would impair the taste of the coffee. That goes for all coffee machines by the way.
Yeah, another senseo lover here. Didn't know Lidl did pods so will try those, but we wouldn't be without it. Bought the coffeeduck earlier this year but and it's fine but the results with very nice espresso were honestly no better than the usual pods.

The tip on the heating milk from MDL is a good one, my wife always does that, but I personally think the temp if the milk is cold from the fridge is perfect to just gulp down for that quick hit.
I too am a senseo fan and I like the douwe egberts pods (all a matter of personal taste huh)

I have been using one since they first came out and have not really had coffee any other way in my house since. Did try the refillable eco pods but found them to be a bit weak despite using strong coffee beans.
for those saying about heating the milk you could use coffee mate and that doesn't cool it down at all plus its even creamier
rubbish coffee imho. Best to stick with Nespresso - it's more of a rip off on the capsules but at least the cofee is good
where do you get the eco pods from please? Sorry if I missed this bit
can anyone confirm whether this is the 7812, 7814 or 7816 ?

Thank you
Been using mine constantly for a couple of years so have been looking for a replacement. Seem to be descaling it every couple of months.

Argos website showed 29.99 reserved at local store on the main phone number and was quoted 37.99 as the price.

Got 2 of these (one for the mother-in-law) at 29.99 with free delivery, using WDF code (free delivery over £50)

The deal's there, but be careful!
We bought a senseo last month from argos and it gets used daily. Tip - if you don't want to spend a fortune buying pod holders to keep your pods in once you open the packet, Poundland sell some round, 500ml plastic clip top tubs that are perfect for coffee pods.
I've had my Senso for about 4 years now. Used to buy the Douwe Egberts as for a time they used to be the only ones I could find. But there are so many firms selling them online now so choice isn't a problem. As said buy yourself a "coffeeduck" and use ground coffee of your choice. There are other adaptors online that allow you to make espresso, hot chocolate etc.
Oh the pod size is 62mm. I usually use this place for my pods.....The coffee pod

NOTE...not sure if its still ongoing but some Senso's had a problem with the boiler going wrong. Lucky mine wasn't one of the models that had that problem but it my be worth checking it.

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