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50% off pizzas when you use the app, no minimum spend (Selected Accounts) @ Dominos

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Working in Balsall Common, West Midlands

Was surprised to see this when ordering takeaway tonight. Usually these discounts have a £30 or similar minimum spend, but here there is none.

Just use the app, go to deals and you'll be able to click it to apply to your order

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  1. Avatar
    That'll be £10.99 per one still plus delivery.
  2. Avatar
    rip off pizza even with the 50% off
    Compared to your grease in a box merchant?
  3. Avatar
    Not working here, still need to spend £99 for 50% off
    So one pizza then?
  4. Avatar
    I've only tried Dominos once after it was hyped here.

    The largest pizza wasn't that big, the toppings were sparse, and they only did 3 of the 4 toppings.

    If someone ever pays £22 for one, they need their head tested.
  5. Avatar
    Big fan of domino’s but since they started charging for delivery I haven’t gone near them
    Then Papa Johns followed right behind. If i want a pizza now i just go to costco.
  6. Avatar
    The worst of the crappy chain pizzas.
  7. Avatar
    Disappointed in Domino’s. They asking £2 extra for large.
  8. Avatar
    Tell me when it’s 80% off and I might be interested. They have lost me as a customer since increasing their prices! Even back then I was paying more than it’s worth with the 50% off or BOGOF deal
  9. Avatar
    Usual offer but still overpriced with discount. Always used to be free delivery now its not and they text afterwards asking if you want to tip the delivery person....
  10. Avatar
    50% off pizza when you spend £35 (only on the app) for me
  11. Avatar
    Used to get my pizzas from Dominos until they increased prices and started charging for delivery. I’m also not fond of their very unhygienic practice of leaving the dough trays outside which attracts rodents. (edited)
    They add to the flavour
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    Have they put the prices up again?

    A 2 topping medium pizza cost me 5.99 before the World Cup started for a pick up order

    it is now £7.99 during it

    Up by £2 stopped going now (edited)
    £17 for medium pizza before 40% off for us
  13. Avatar
    Delivery costs put me off.

    Plus Taste Card offers are now off for Dominos and Pizza Hut delivery!!!
  14. Avatar
    Mines 25 of 40 spend lol
  15. Avatar
    Not here
  16. Avatar
    Nor here
  17. Avatar
    Worked for me on two medium pizzas in London. Mind spend was £35. Heat. (edited)
  18. Avatar
    Working here, the prices are still insane and have got even worse since I last opened the app . One last hurrah.
  19. Avatar
    They've upped their prices for ALL pizzas on the app.
  20. Avatar
    papa John have upped their prices for cheese in toast too....
  21. Avatar
    Nope doesn't work
  22. Avatar
    £35 needed here.
  23. Avatar
    £33 tonight for 1 x Large Pizza, 1 x Medium Pizza & 1 x Garlic Bread delivered - including 40% off
    Still a rip off for what it’s worth!
  24. Avatar
    Their prices are shocking even with the discounts. I used to like getting to the last screen on the app before checkout and occasionally they would put offers at the bottom one of which always used to be a large cheese pizza for about £5. So that was a great deal but it always just seems to be a £1 off chicken or cookies now.
  25. Avatar
    This franchise like Pizza Hut and all the others are such a rip off
  26. Avatar
    Nope not on app for me.
  27. Avatar
    But that's 50% of the full price..so still blooming expensive
  28. Avatar
    48914473-6a1AK.jpgAlways worth checking all the deals of the app. I've been using the 7.99 large and 5.99 medium collection ones for months. Just about on the money at that price.
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