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50% off select sets - including LEGO Brickheadz 40548 Spice Girls Tribute - £22.49 + £3.95 delivery @ Lego

£22.49£44.9950% off
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LEGO have finally added further reductions to a few items in their sale, from 40% down another 10% to half price including.

Spice Girls Tribute 40548 - £22.49 (RRP £44.99)
LEGO® Harry Potter™ Advent Calendar 76404 - £14.99 (RRP £29.99)
Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar 76231 - £14.99 (RRP £29.99)
Escape from The Ten Rings 76176 - £12.49 (RRP £24.99)
Mickey Mouse 40456 - £7.49 (RRP £14.99)
Minnie Mouse 40457 - £7.49 (RRP £14.99)

These are nice to add to your basket to get to threshold to meet free delivery or promo (which at the moment is the Bionicle one over £95 though not sure it works on any of the themes these sets are in).

Delivery is free over £50 or £3.95 if under, £21 for express delivery. Don't forget any cashback and to sign into your LEGO VIP account for the 5% back in VIP points as usual

Lego More details at Lego

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    Good spot. Grabbed them all. I’d imagine they’ll be sold out in a few hours
    Nah, they've been on sale for a month now...
  2. Avatar
    Great deal, shame missed it
  3. Avatar
    Do LEGO offer a refund on sets that have dropped in price within the 90 days or is it a case of returning and buying again?
    I got the difference in points when it went down from 36 to 27
  4. Avatar
    Got excited seeing Mickie & mini thinking they were the old brickheads as missed out. They are not brickheadz.
  5. Avatar
    I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want… some good Star Wars sets.
    If Yoda wanna be my lover,
    Get with my friends, you’ve got to.
  6. Avatar
    Thanks OP.
    Pity all the big price sets were pulled from the sale .
    Would have bought a lot more but limit of two is a pain.
    Is it just me or are Lego getting meaner.
    Imo I think it's good that Lego limit some items, gives people a fair chance of buying a set rather than scalpers buying the lot to sell at a later date.
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    Not thats in a deal but they are releasing a Wall E in this range soon can not wait for that. As for this set it offers good value for those with nostalgia for the 90s group
  8. Avatar
    Posh has lost a few bricks since then....
  9. Avatar
    Ah damn, just bought the Guardians Advent Calendar for £21 from them the other day :/
  10. Avatar
    good deal
  11. Avatar
    That is horrible, would anyone really want it? Would today’s young people even have heard of them?
    It might not just be for young people...
  12. Avatar
    Scary Spice actually looks like that now!
  13. Avatar
    Anyone know where I can get an Elvis set for a decent price? It's no longer available in the sale or onsite, I deliberated before Xmas thinking my Mom wouldn't like it but I bought her one of the flower wall art ones and she's HOOKED. So I missed my chance to get it 30 quid off and I'll be lucky if I can get it at all 🙃 (edited)
    It got retired at the end of last year. I doubt you'll find it at even the RRP anywhere unless a Lego store somewhere still has some in stock. The longer you wait, the more the price is probably going to go up. I know last year Selfridges had a few of the Lego Art sets on sale when they were getting discontinued.
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    bother - ordered a couple of the Spice Girls sets two days ago...
    if you ordered direct from Lego.com then give them a ring - they're usually quite helpful. Alternatively, order them again and return the previous order... assuming you haven't already built them of course!
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