50% off selected ELC Toys
50% off selected ELC Toys

50% off selected ELC Toys

Selected toys 50% off, and free delivery if you now sppend £65 rather than £100!!!

Some absolute bargains to be had....shame its so far away from xmas:
Few exampples but check out for yourself ........
Tower of Doom was £75 now £37.50
Dino Mountain was £50 now £20
Dolls Mansion was £150 now £75
Rosebud House was £110 now £55
Light and Sound retro robot was £30 now £15
Whizz around Garage was £40 now £20

Also various easter crafts, reward charts and educational toys too!!!!
Hope this helps someone x


The whizz around garage was £20 on the weekend, but its showing up as £40 for me now. Was going to order one this evening.

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Holding Page of website still shows 20, i'd try instore if you can..i'm going to my local tomorrow will uppdate on price instore

Scrap what i said earlier.. whizz around garage is back to £20.. ordered one

Price of that garage seems like a yoyo.. went into my local ELC to pick up the garage only to find it at £40. They checked online whilst there and said the price had gone back up. :-/

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£40 instore in my local......i hope they honoured the 20!!!! i bought a rosebud house for my LO....bargain!!!

Sadly didn't honour the £20. I'll hold out till they decide what to do with the price or find something else.
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