50% off sky tv for 12mths + £50 tesco voucher

50% off sky tv for 12mths + £50 tesco voucher

Found 7th Jun 2010
Received in post today,

Come back to sky tv while everything's half price
call 08442 411 372 and quote TESCOB
and we will send you a £50 tesco gift card
Hurry offer ends 27.06.2010

I have yet to do it as i was hoping for a sky hd half price deal ( missed the boat last time )


doesn't work online.......if I phone em, will they ask for previous account numbers and stuff (new to sky, but the wife had it in 2004 at a different address).
And is this only for a non-HD box?


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Not available online, i left sky around Feb time and they keep badgering me to come back, Sorry should have stated in original post that its for previous customers who already have a sky box, not a HD deal

might sit it out till after the world cups finished.....then they'll have to think up some more marketting!
Only really want it as my house aerial is rubbish in the summer and during transitions from hot to wet and back again.....sky deals work out cheaper than a freesat pvr and install at the mo so its a no brainer.....but I want CHEAPER!

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again you need the mailer or you dont get the offer so if you dont have one sent to your home address which they can check on there system you wont get the offer i know cause i work for them lmao
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