50% off Tesco Home Insurance

50% off Tesco Home Insurance

Found 7th Apr 2008
Get your quote for Tesco Home Insurance between 3rd April and 30th April 2008 and get a 50% discount when you buy

Saw signs for this in store today and deal shows on the website. Quotes are valid for 90 days so it might be worth getting a quote if your renewal is from now until July.

Taken from the site:

Key Benefits of Tesco Home Insurance
We'll cover your buildings for up to £1million. Subject to eligibility (new window).

We will replace purchased stored information up to £1,000, e.g music on your iPod
24hr household emergency helpline
Dedicated claims team.

Use Clubcard vouchers towards the price of your premium. Read the important information for details

Have searched and couldn't find the deal on here. Hope this helps someone.
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50% off?
How cheap are their original quotes or is this a gimmick?
I went for it backend of 2007 and got insurance for £120 for the year - good deal and whilst not quite 1/2 price, a lot cheaper than than others were offering.
I got this last year and the price was good. However an additional bonus was that I used a saved quote as my renewal date wasn't until after the 1/2 price offer had finished. When I took out the policy they had a new offer of free annual family travel insurance which included winter sports. So not only did I get the cheapest price via the 1/2 price offer but also got the insurance as well.

So like the OP stated it may be worth getting a quote if you're due in the next 3 months and seeing what offer is on at the time.

Also worth noting is that it may be better to get separate contents and buildings policies and get two loads of quidco. By doing that this year I am £8 in profit (but have to buy my own travel insurance).
It's about £60 more than eSure for my house and I get quidco with them so it's not a great deal for me I don't think.
Last month they had 30% off with free Family Travel Insurance normaly £120 in-store.
Not suprising they would start this offer - considering the kicking they got on Watchdog tonight over not validating claims properly.
My insurance is due soon, but they won't insure property as old as mine online and will only provide a quote on the phone if you have an incredibly accurate rebuilding cost. Given that I have an 1812 converted methodist chappel, that's not going to be very easy. Outside it's 1812, inside it's 1998. Can't be arsed paying a surveyor to give me a price.

Yes, interesting Watchdog article. Who's gonna go near Halifax insurance now? 55Mph winds indeed. I sneeze faster than that, will that count?

A pal of mine who was in Insurance for a long time once told me that Insurance is Legal Robbery. I agree. On that basis, I am giving up on the Accidental Damage extensions to buildings and contents - I've got to pay the first £150 or so anyway, so unless it's thousands of pounds of damage, it's not worth it. They'll seriously increase premiums too, so what's the use?
Be careful they were on Watchdog last night , might be worth having a read

they just hike up the premiums before the deal starts.

anyway, go via quidco for insurance

My contents cost £68 and got £80 quidco back

My buildings cost £138 and got £100 quidco back

total cost of insurance for the year = £26
I can't believe people give so much weight to whatever story watchdog decide to make this week!!
ok, i just got a quote of 274.65 which is more than directline, would this be without the 50% off, does the discount only come off when you actually apply?

I can't believe people give so much weight to whatever story watchdog … I can't believe people give so much weight to whatever story watchdog decide to make this week!!

Its a very good point that watchdog brought up this week tho, i would like to make sure my house is fully covered rather than Tesco say it didnt rain enough with a monitoring station 20 miles away !
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