50% off The Puppet Company @ Amazon

50% off The Puppet Company @ Amazon

Found 1st Mar 2011
Several puppets have been reduced by about 50%.
Lovely for little 'uns.


Great for playgroups, childminders or just for the kids to play with.

The crocodile has now gone back up in price, but the others haven't...


The crocodile is the only one that's £4.08.

The rest are over £9.

There's also a Lion one @ £4.08, same size as Croc - 25cms Here

Thanks ordered one, these are fantastic quality

My daughter had one of the large ones for the weekend from playschool , they pass round the pupils and parents write a diary of where hes been

these were £2 each in my local B&Q the last time I was in (for the 10litre dulex deal) .. didn't know the original price so wasn't sure how much of a deal they were...

just ordered the crocodile,brilliant,thanks

thanks, ordered a lion for my son's teacher present as his class is lions, just need to resist the croc for last years lovely teacher too....

Highly recommend these, very good quality. Already got some put away for Xmas presents, bought locally at full price though :-(

Ordered the crocodile for my son, thanks.

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Can someone "unexpire" this please - it's only the crocodile that's gone back up in price - the others are still reduced!

Got mine today , fantastic quality , thanks OP
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