50% off Tickets to Blade Runner Secret Cinema with Code TMFLASH

50% off Tickets to Blade Runner Secret Cinema with Code TMFLASH

£22.50£4550%Secret Cinema Deals
Found 4th May
I love secret cinema - but the pricing of Blade Runner was so expensive.

Well the good news is they have 50% off using the Ticketmaster sale (code TMFLASH at the checkout). This brings tickets down to about £22.50 for the cheapest ones.
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What exactly is it? How does that experience look like?
Usually you have a lot of interactions with actors in a detailed set relating to the plot of the movie. Then you watch the movie as part of the experience. There will be food and other things on sale and you can dress up and get in to character if you wish, or not if you don't.

They are really good - just really expensive.
That's a brilliant deal. I went to the Empire Strikes Back Secret Cinema and it was amazing. All set in the Star wars Universe with plenty of missions and chances to interact with characters. The set pieces were fantastic and it all culminated with destruction of the Death Star. It was essentially the plot of A New Hope as the interactive portion of the event with the screening of Empire afterwards that was also acted out by characters live at the same time. Definitely worth going to.

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Knowing my luck I will get date when it happens and will not be able to book holidays or train tickets will cost something like 90 GBP lol
Seems like a lot of hassle
Sold. That is a great deal.
Thank you so much OP! Booked for June. Our 5 tickets at £59 each were originally to cost £309. I just paid £157 thanks to you.
Happy to help
Hmm price doesnt go down. It shows 50% discount available but total is still full price
Looks like code is only for cheapest and medium. It doesn't discount VIP package
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