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50% off Turkey Crowns at Tesco Toton

In store: Nottinghamshire · Tesco Deals
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Just went to Tesco this morning, lots of roasted stuff marked down

Merry Christmas

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    3pm still full price in Northwich
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    Picked one up in Leeds - happy and going to be some great meals after Christmas!
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    Will be even cheaper later if your store is closed tomorrow. Not all stores are open,
    Are any open tomorrow?
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    loads at Tesco Wadebridge, this was 12.45 & the guy was just stickering them
    Tesco Wadebridge was 60% off
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    Still full price Pinner Green
    Happy to see you guys are hanging in there
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    I also got a half price samlon and lamb joint this afternoon as well

    I was planning to get a small one and try to work out the clubcard price .... And suddenly yellow label was on

    not that I ate samlon recently

    got a very nice bonelessy lamb joint lined up for the big Xmas lunch (me & the boys), wife now gets to eat turkey, I might even have a slice
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    Download the olio app…. Any tesco yellow stickered food - not sold- will be listed on there - if a charity hasn’t collected it. The same with the express stores, one stop, M&S, iceland …. It’s a free app, free to request and if you have an olio volunteer who lives right by you- even better!
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    I remember the mad rush last year as soon as they would be reduced people started a mad scramble for them even though they had so many, in the end they ended up giving them away free to staff! (edited)
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    I wouldn't want to post anything extremely immature here

    Nor should anybody lol
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    Nor would I like to lie blind about supermarkets selling mouldy turkeys - that would be a complete lie and I won't do it

    I don't have severe autism!

    I am normal and don't have behavioral problems! (edited)
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    And what also happens every year..... with fresh turkeys ????? People who once cooked them ,cut them and then all mouldy inside. So wouldn't buy fresh. Yes lovely but not if leaves sod all Xmas day to eat. Happened like last 5 years. Same stories all the time. Weston favell tesco had so many fresh turkeys still, shocked as not usually that many. Also loads of the big yule logs. We're £7 reduced to £1.75 this morning. Loads in just took 1 as it is big. Merry Christmas everyone x
    Hardly nonsense when up and down the UK every yr for last 5 years its been same story with households cooking them and upon cutting them seeing bad inside.
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    Hi guys, I just have a look at my turkey before brining. It's looked okay. It's pink and looks good, not mouldy, lucky me (edited)