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50% off Turkeys and Turkey Crowns @ Aldi Gravesend

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Even cheaper than label as they are now 3.99 a kg.


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    Aldi in Chelmsford has theirs at 75% off. £17 basted crown for £4 was worth the wait. 
    My neck of the woods. Nice one. Enjoy. 
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    Best time to buy one
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    Will it defrost in time to cook tomorrow?

    Scratch that, I just noticed it's sold defrosted. (edited)
    They also sell hairdryers.
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    Turkeys going cheep
    Turkeys go gobble gobble
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    Doesn't look frozen.
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    Bargain if you have left buying to the last minute. Am sure this will help people out. Heat op. 
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    Not national (yet)
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    I wish meat was just sold in money, I get so confused lol it’s like you need to be a class A dealer just to get to the till and not find out it’s triple the cost.
    I generally find it is sold in money. Though given the current price of anything in this country at the moment it's quite possible that I will have to exchange one of my children shortly for a turkey crown.
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    Did my shop this morning, plenty on the shelf and yet we were told by out lovely media there will be turkey shortage this year
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    Just got a whole fresh medium Turkey for £9. Thanks
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    FYI, the one in the picture is fresh not frozen, and I've just been to my one in Tunbridge Wells, and they had a load of Turkeys Chickens whole and crowns and fancy trimmings all at 75% off, if you've got a freezer get down there now!
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    don't miss my comment elsewhere if you're local-ish to Wadebridge. 12.45 - Tesco was already 60% off, plenty of stock, Aldi was 30% off with loads of stock, so likely now you get the full monty 75% off (2 hrs later)
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    I got one at Bexhill road Hastings about midday earlier.
    Although all whole turkeys and crowns were marked at 30% due to previous reduction they came in at roughly 50% off original price. So an £18 whole turkey was £10.05. Plenty there and very few people shopping.
    good point, I didn't bother reading the price, just saw the orange sticker

    so people need to look at the indicated price, 30% off + another 30% off 2nd sticker quite possible but you only see 30% off

    none of the ones in Aldi Wadebridge looked like they had 2 stickers, though
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    What I don't understand is that use by date of 26th Dec seems quite common - mine is exactly this.

    So why don't they make the use by date (say) 1st Jan, to let people use it for NY day roast, and only reduce it by 30% maybe?

    No need to give away all the profit ie 75% off.
    Likely because that's the day they sent a wedge of stock in when it went post Xmas dated. Still has a shelf life
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    75% off almost all Xmas related fresh food in Reading.
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