50% OFF Ultralife products at Esporta Clearview, Brentwood.

50% OFF Ultralife products at Esporta Clearview, Brentwood.

Found 27th Dec 2009
I was down Esporta this evening and noticed that they have 50% off of all Ultralife products. This ranges from the supplements to the protein and creatine shakes.

Not sure if this is nationwide as the notice said they were trying to get rid of old stock so it may be only in Brentwood.

I also appreciate that only Esporta members can get this deal and even then not everybody will be interested in this, but I thought I may as well give everyone a heads up just in case it benefits someone.


Ooh - that's my gym too. :thumbsup:

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Good isnt it? How long have you been a member?

About 4/5 years, but I don't get there as often as I should.

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Same here. Been a member since I was about 16! I would probably recognise you

I probably don't go often enough for you to recognise me! I think of it more like my monthly donation to Esporta profits!! Can't go near the pool before 7pm because I can't bear children near me in the pool. Going in the gym is a bit too much effort these days. The bar is nice though!!

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Haha, oh, one of those members are you?..

'fraid so. I do love it when I'm there, but by the time I've finished work I normally can't be bothered, even though it's only 2 minutes drive away!

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Tut tut lol. Where do you work that's only 2 mins from Clearview? It's in the middle of nowhere lol!

Brentwood end of Upminster. Near Cranham golf course. I'm actually going to start using my gym membership though. Honest!

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Oh I see. I wouldn't mind helping you out with a programme or something, saves paying the PTs £30 an hour or whatever they charge!

Urm, that actually terrifies me right now, but if you could bully me every so often to make sure I go, that would be great :thumbsup:

Its On The Website Aswell.
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