50% Off Web Hosting Packages from 1and1.co.uk - 2day only.....

50% Off Web Hosting Packages from 1and1.co.uk - 2day only.....

Found 31st Aug 2006
Using this code when going throught he process


you can get 50% of web hosting for all packages above the beginner pack.

I was on the site, and i stumbled across a banner which said 50% on the site. I couldnt find it when i went back, but I got brought the home package and i put the voucher in and it said the 50% of will show on the final invoice.

Sorry, this is my first time posting, so im sorry if i missed anything.


Good find!. 1and1 seem to be a good company as well. Their domain name registration process and Control Panel is user-friendly at a guess their web-hosting package are the same.

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Yup and dont forget quidco aswell.. :-)

I also found out, its got a cookie, so all first time vistors will see the offer on the home page.

If i sign upto a hosting package now. Is the discount only for the period you are invoiced for or will you be charged the discounted rate at renewal time as well in 3 months time?

I used 1&1 a year or two ago for hosting and unless they have drastically improved I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole, they were fine for domain names as that's pretty straight forward. But when it comes to cancelling the service it took me months to sort out and even a year later I was receiving Debt Collection letters for monies I didn't owe them.
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