50% Or More Off Fans @ Dunelm Mill

50% Or More Off Fans @ Dunelm Mill

Found 3rd Oct 2012
9" Metal Floor Fan Was £16.99 Now £4.25

12" Desk Fan Was £12.99 Now £3.25

2 in 1 Desk Fan Was £8.99 Now £2.25

6" Floor Fan Was £9.99 Now £2.50

Floor Standing Fan Was £14.99 Now £3.75

Stock may be limited in you area
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Ordered x2 bargain mate have some Heat
Heat given. Shame not available anywhere near me Been after one of those floor fans for ages!
great deal heat added
Vote cold ... Fans? ... Don't worry about it. Heat.
Love that fans doing so well when it's so cold outside! Heat added
No home delivery available for any of them
None in stock near me
showing in stock at my local store then got a phone call saying they dont have any
FANtastic deal. Boooooooo I know haha.
Thanks, just ordered a couple to be picked up from M26.
Great deal. I must be lucky as they had stock only in the store closest to me. Bought 2.
no stock in Derby:(
All they had in stock in Truro, Cornwall was 2 of the floor standing ones, so i reserved them both!
ordered then hour later they phoned saing all of them have gone

Good deal for those not living in the UK.
Shame the Floor Standing Fan is not available locally to me, I could have done with replacing current fan at this price.
No stock at Bedford, Milton Keynes, Wellingborough, Huntingdon, Dunstable or Stevenage.
Erm nevermind stock, apparently it was a pricing error
So annoyed, went to pick up the fans and they decided it was an error. What a joke. be warned if you havent already been to pick yours up.
Yes told me all out of stock too. After driving up to collect my order
Shower of ****.

Turned up to see the lady behind the till open a file and pull out a printed piece of paper with my order on it and pass it to a floor assistant, I could tell by the look on his face something was amiss so waited 10 mins for him to return 'suprise suprise' telling me none were in stock allthough 5 fans were being held back for a customer coming in on Monday to pick them up.

There was no point in me arguing as I know it's not the shop floors fault and to be fair he and the lady behind the till were very professional in their apologies but the company are about to get both barrels via the phone in the morning.
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