50 Pack citronella tealights - 10p instore at Asda

50 Pack citronella tealights - 10p instore at Asda

Found 28th Dec 2008
According to the shelf, these should be £2 but are scanning at 10p for 50!

Great if you like eating outdoors but not so keen on beasties joining you!
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bargain price, will have a look tomorrow, thnks for the heads up x
also going 2moz will have a look
All us optimists can stock up in the vain hope that summer will ever arrive again lol! Thanks for that, great deal :-D
It's not nice calling our kids "beasties" (even if they are)! :-D:whistling:
this will save on electricity costs !!!!!!!! voted hot
may sound a bit stupid, but what is this? If possible could you post a picture up? Pwetty pweeeeze wit a chewwy on top
...I guess like this http://www.iosss.com/shopping/images/195028.jpg
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