50 pair Shoe Rack, £4.99 Ebay UK /  sien2014uk

50 pair Shoe Rack, £4.99 Ebay UK / sien2014uk

Found 6th Dec 2017Edited by:"WizardOfWelshness"
update seller bumped the price up without notice so i've edited with a new £4.99 link... greed will get him no more sales.

Okay, this is the third time i've tried to post this, previously disallowed for whatever reason (Hot ✔, UK ✔, Deal ✔ maybe it's because i don't have an Amazon account?).... the point is, you can get a 1m X 1.5m X 20cm shoe rack for just under a fiver from multiple sellers on ebay UK site... perfect for all (or at least some) of her beloved footwear.
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This is very light and a bit unstable when fully loaded. I use mine in two halves and they are really useful.
it does shimmy and wibble a bit with 50 pairs on, i've put all her heavy/bulky boots Ect on the bottom 2 tiers, sits nicely between the computer desk and dvd shelving (stopping the wibble) @Gakusei
Says 34 in stock now 😊 Other solution to stop wobbling..maybe place dumbbells at the bottom shelf?
@panda098 seller started with 50, i already messaged them to explain the sudden rush.... i'll edit with a new link if/when they sell out.
I purchased this a year or so ago and really cheap and kept falling apart checked it in the recycling in the end
just an excuse for the other half to buy more shoes. avoid
5.99 now
thanks for letting me know @hash47 i'll edit with a new £4.99 link.
WizardOfWelshness3 m ago

thanks for letting me know @hash47 i'll edit with a new £4.99 link.

Not quite sure that's how hukd works..

You can't keep changing the link.
Thanks for allowing that HUKD Mods, if it happens again with this new link i'll end offer and start again.
Bought this last year for the one-man "Krypton Factor" challenge of putting this POS together..
One thing you will need is....superglue, and lots of it, otherwise you're making a rod for your own back... literally
sold out... i'll start again with a new post.
struggling to find an "approved" Ebay seller to re-post this but failed (Mod intervention) so i've re-opened it... you'll need to find your own seller, but there's loads of them @ a fiver.
The description says it 152cm wide and 96cm high. Is that right? It looks the opposite in the picture.
Had one of these before. Absolute flimsy rubbish which continually fell apart. Also, it's really only big enough to hold childrens shoes.
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