50" Plasma Hd Ready Finlux 50FPHD05 £799.95 Richer Sounds Instore.
50" Plasma Hd Ready Finlux 50FPHD05 £799.95 Richer Sounds Instore.

50" Plasma Hd Ready Finlux 50FPHD05 £799.95 Richer Sounds Instore.

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previously posted by sootzer on MSE, incredible, incredible bargain for a HD ready.

50" 16:9 HD Ready Plasma TV * 1366x768 (WXGA) Pixels * 10000:1 Contrast Ratio * 1500 cd Brightness * HD Ready, * 1080i/720p (50/60Hz) Compatible * 2 Tuner PIP (Picture in Picture) * 2 Tuner PAP (Picture and Picture) * DVB-T Tuner (Optionall) * Virtual Dolby Surround * Multi System Reception * Multi Language OSD * 1000PG Teletext * HDMI Input * PC Input * 3 Scart/Composite Video/Component Video/S Video * MEAD (Motion and Edge Adaptive De-Interlancing) * HVSharpEN (Horizontal and Vertical Sharpness ENhancement)


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click on go to deal and in the lower part you can download the specifications in pdf.

Thanks for the pointer jinkssick

Nice spot, good looking tv & low price.
The figures must have come from richer sounds?

Manufacturers figures quote:
Brightness 1000 cd/m2
Contrast 3000:1

Seems a bit low for a plasma?


I know that figures alone don't always tell the full story, hence...might have to pop in on the way home and have a look at the set in action.

Never know, might be going home with a new tele at this price !



Doesn't do 1080p which IMO is a must for all sets above 40 inches. Still a great price though.

i have a finlux 32"crt tv and its fantastic, build quality is superb and there is every type of connection. finlux is a finnish company quite well known on the continant not so much in the uk (used to be owned by Nokia) you should know that finlux uk went bust a few years ago so dont know what you would do for parts/warrenty so on also they used to give five year warrenties for free so worth checking out but a real rolls royce of a tv

contrast ratio may be true as finlux used to be know for being able to project true black as far as i can remember!

Great price, i wouldnt say 1080p is a must.
If you want 1080p plasma 50" you are looking at a hell of a lot more money.

Any other HD plasma deals at around £800 or less?

Jawaid i would like to hear how it looks in the shop.

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if its possible take some photos jawaid! this seems like the deal of a lifetime, at this price plus if your interested it plays back NTSC (so just say you went to live to the bahamas, you could take it) and has worlwide voltage

Can't find this tv on the website, I assume they do have it in all the shops though?


they are also doing a 32" lcd for £449.95


these are off the irish web site dont know about England Scotland Wales

not a bad set, not heard a lot about the make but I think they are fairly trustworthy... Resolution seems a little low and no 1080p which will be pretty important when there is a lot of HD content in years to come.

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dave smith

not a bad set, not heard a lot about the make but I think they are fairly … not a bad set, not heard a lot about the make but I think they are fairly trustworthy... Resolution seems a little low and no 1080p which will be pretty important when there is a lot of HD content in years to come.

of course, but to get a 1080p tv you gotta spend over 2k, as you can see, for what this is, its amazing.

Left work at 4pm ( 1 and 1/2 hours early) made my way to the local richersounds shops in Middlesbrough which is about 10 miles away from where i work. Struggled through rush hour traffic, took me just under 50 minutes to make it there, and guess what - no stock !!!

Was a bit p***ed off originally, especially since none of the staff had even heard of the TV, so took a closer look at the 50" panasonic they're selling for £999 instead....

Never bought it, as I think at 50" I may need 1080p since we sit about 8 - 10 feet from the TV. The source they were feeding to the sets was garbage, hence unable to make a decision on the panasonic, so I would have had no chance on the Finlux.

The Finlux can't be a nationwide deal.

Oh well, I got off work early.


i will have a look at one in the store in belfast tomorrow

Thought I'd save the petrol, and my poor legs today.

Rang local branch this morning (they told me they get stock in for 10am) to see if any sets had been delivered and they said try later.

Just got off the phone to them again 4:30pm, and they have no idea at all about this TV. They say they have never heard of the brand, they have had no information from head office to say that they would be receiving them as a one off job lot, and they couldn't help me.

They said to try ringing daily, but to be honest I don't think I can bothered.
Could have been a nice buy, but at the end of the day, with no stock, and with this being clearance stock if Finlux have gone under then it would be extremely difficult to return for replacement or repair if it did develop a fault.

Giving up !! think I'll stick to known brands (Samsung, Panasonic, etc.)


had a look at this tv in belfast store (only two left) and it is beutiful also the speakers are not the detachable type but truely stand alone. I was about to ask the store person if the signal was HD when up came the HD BBC logo so it was recieving a HD signal and thats were its a bit of a let down the picture would be supberb on an ordinary tv set but on high defination its a let down. price is still very good my brother has a two grand plasma which looks **** compared to this

Hi dogsballs,

What do you mean by the speakers being non-detachable yet standalone?

Are you saying that the HD picture quality was poor?
How would you rate it against a panasonic, or samsung 50" set.

What brand is your brothers set?

I guess you didn't buy it then?

Sorry for the all the questions, but I did spend a couple of days trying to chase this set down, and any comments would be useful.

ok mate the speakers are quite big rather like hi fi ones and very good looking ( in my opinion) they wouldnt be able to be clicked on to the tv but are truely seperate (as far as i could see) the HD pictue is poorish i have a finlux 100 hertz old model tv and pictures are about the same but this is a hugh tv and it sits on the wall beutifully, its possible that the picture was downgraded simply because quite a lot of tvs were showing HD maybe all off the one signal which may explain it. if you would like i can call back and check it out more throughly. i think my brothers is a samsung and it looks like crap hanging on his wall also he hasnt got HD yet. i reckon this is an irish deal only as the web site shows it but uk one doesnt. lastly i have looked at the samsung/panasonic 50" in currys showing HD and they were far superior in picture quality


thanks for the update.

Nice & clear now, speakers are completely separate to the TV, picture quality isnt excellent (but like you say this could be down to signal - which was definately the case in my local branch), and the samsung / panasonics do give a better quality picture.

Thanks for that !

Convinced now to wait for the 50" Samsung plasma to have it's annoying buzz fixed, or the panasonic 50" to drop below £1000 before I buy one.

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