50% sale at the official Adidas UK store.
50% sale at the official Adidas UK store.

50% sale at the official Adidas UK store.

Up to 50% off a huge selection of items at the official Adidas UK store.

Some decent bargains to be had.


Awful site, gave up.

yeah very slow at the moment

Bargains to be had HOTTTTT!!!!!

why is this voted cold? fools as usual the site is slow but the deals are there

Looks half good if they had spent more then 2p creating the website

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It's been working fine all morning for me. Annoying that it's going slowly for you guys and you're voting cold on the basis of that. There are some good deals to be had.

It isn't just slow though is it? I've been trying to register since you posted the deal, so far no joy. The site keeps dropping my basket to zero and I have to start again.

COLD for me as I cannot buy anything here.

We’re sorry, shop.adidas.com is currently offline for maintenance – check back soon. :cry:

The site is back up now.

Opened fine for me. Seen a couple of items i want. Anyone know of a Valid promo code or free delivery ??

worst website i've ever used, forever falling over, come on adidas sort it out..

otherwise got italia £40, LA trainer £27

spend £100 for free delivery
also check out shoe-shop, size, office, schuh, footasylum, aspecto
lots of adidas on sale at the moment

worked fine for me???????? @ 5.30

might even order some more althuogh 6 pairs is enoguh for any man lol;

lol...No ones mentioned quidco

you get 9% cashback !!!!!!

Yep 9% Quidco - but it isn't working for me - looks like the link via quidco isn't working. Some good delas on ther - some good half price trainers, but none in my size

yay, reduced tracksuits. Perfect for wearing on an evening is a council estate park drinking cider and shouting abuse at people :thumbsup:

Blimey the website is slow. The sale section is bloody slow because of all those images loaded under 1 page. Why can't they split the pages up.
Sack the webmaster.

Awesome, can't get enough Superstars

Rubbish site though... amazing how many big names websites are just hard to use!!

Some great deals thanks OP, got myself a pair of Court Stars for £31.50 with delivery.

The site worked fine for me too.

Last seasons Chelsea tops for £22 :w00t: Littlewoods were selling them for £13 last week!

Some nice t-shirts but a lot of the ones left are small size unfortunately.

Decent sale, went to the shop in Manchester Arndale to actually try the shoes on, prices are the same instore. Got me some half price sneaks that I have been eyeing up for a while. The Nike store is worth checking out too, also having a 50% sale at the moment; both shops have their shoes cheaper than other third party outlets, which isn't always the case. Voted Hot

You have to click on the link and then when you see the big banner with logo with Sales tatooed all over it, you have to click it again and you will get a very different site altogether. Why the web designer did it like that is beyond me. Try it!

they have porsche design trainers in the sale !!!


Not cheap at all! Cold for me, too.

Hot Hot Hot

site worked well for me, got some vespa trainers,

Now its died down it seems fine.

Ordered 29/06 but my order is still "in progress". How long is delivery?


Now its died down it seems fine.Ordered 29/06 but my order is still "in … Now its died down it seems fine.Ordered 29/06 but my order is still "in progress". How long is delivery?

That's what I was also wondering, went back onto the website and found out:

* Standard Shipping, 3 – 5 business days
Your order should arrive within three full business days if you order before 2:00 pm.
* Express Shipping, 1 business day
All orders placed before 2:30 pm on business days ship the same day. You can expect your order to arrive before 12:00 pm the next business day.

Therefore, dependant on whether you spent £4.50 or £10.50 on delivery. I spent £4.50, £10.50 is ridiculous

a little tip send a 5 paragraph rant about how rubbish the website is, and you may get a nice email
i got a £10 voucher :O)

WHAT A PAIN, the sites so badly made and yes there is a sale on but there is nothing that really stands out,
im a big adidas fan but unless you like your trainer gold or silver your be better off going to a decent footwear store

Nike sale was so much better than this. Cold for me.

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The deal's been on HUKD for a week, it's not too surprising most of the best bargain's have been nabbed!
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