Unfortunately, this deal is no longer available
£50 worth of wine for £5 postage at Naked Wines via winedemon
295° Expired

£50 worth of wine for £5 postage at Naked Wines via winedemon

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295° Expired
£50 worth of wine for £5 postage at Naked Wines via winedemon
Posted 18th Dec 2011

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Register at Winedemon and rate 30 bottles of wine. This sounds laborious but all you need to do is click I liked it/ didnt like it and rate out of 5 stars; it takes about 10 minutes.

Go into your account and press redeem.

This translates to £50 worth of vouchers at Naked Wines so all you need to pay is postage. You can create your own box or buy a pre made selection.

This does not apply to all wines but this is clearly marked on each product page.

It will ask you to join up as a "wine angel." I've got no idea what this means so would advise saying no to this.

Full credit to Keirdre on MSE for this deal.

**** EDIT ****

To clarify, the reviews need to be made on winedemon.com. Your credits can later be redeemed on nakedwines.
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Dont see anywhere in my account that says redeem
well i reviewed 31 wines and i dont see anywhere that says redeem in my accoun either - as the original poster got any advice?
Hot, but you do need to buy 6 bottles to check out and i can only get 5 with the vouchers and discounted wines are not included in the offer. But got 5 bottles of pink bubbly and a cheap white for £10 delivered so very good
Thanks, worked for me. I went to winedemon, found via google, and set up an account. Reviewed 30+ wines, then looked at my account. It showed a list of wines I had reviewed, each worth "100 points" and a open account points addition of 2000 points.

At the bottom was a large button saying "redeem." Clicked this and it asked for my account at nakedwine - gave it a password and it set one up for me. Went to nakedwine then, checked my account and found £51.00 balance in my account or 5100 points.

Played about a bit, checked MSE forum, and found that I could order a pre-packed case of 6 bottles. Postage was £4.99. Charged me for delivery, and says delivery should be around Tuesday. Fingers crossed that works, Thanks OP. Hope this helps someone.

Few people on MSE saying they had to log back in later and system had then caught up. Good luck.


Dont see anywhere in my account that says redeem

Are on you winedemon or naked wines> Link takes you to naked wines
Click on your profile and it should say (points 5000). Scroll down to the bottom of the points page and there's a redeem button!
I have been doing this on naked wines as thats where the link took me - is that wrong?
i see the instructions on MSE are slightly clearer its WINE DEMON!
Thanks so much for this.. 6 bottles being delivered on tuesday.. Excellent.
My sister bought my mum some awesome gifts this year... hopefully this deal puts me back in the running (_;)
Sorry for the confusion, when I posted the deal I put a link to winedemon but mods must have changed it. Cheers for making it more clear mighty rhinos
excellent orderd u do seem to have to buy the case tho but did get 30pound extra added to my account for leaving feedback
thanks to op for posting and thanks to mighty rhinos - it was easy to do on your tips - got mine coming Friday - less time for me to drink it all before Christmas lol
Nice thanks
i cant redeem the points. iv clicked redeem and it says- you need a naked wines account to redeem points. i put a pass word in and it tells me- sorry, we couldnt create your naked wines account. do you already have a naked wines account with this email. please help
Before i could access my naked wines account after setting up a password i had to delete cookies the all went through no problem-it then said congratulations and i was diverted to naked wines where i i logged in and indeed was credited with 50.00 and got a nice case of 6 white wines to b delivered tues,p&p £4.95 also had e mail confirmation so fingers crossed
just done it . Case of 6 bottles of sauvignon blance delivered on tuesday
ta very (hic) much
Go through Quidco to get 40quid added on top of the 51
Just done it, hope it turns up seems too good to be true.
Thanks very much, well worth the effort!
Just done it. Then it asked me if i want £40 more so i said yes and there is another £40 in my wine account.LOL. Help.
This is what they sent me.
We've put £40 in your account to spend on more delicious wines (valid against any case, worth £79.99 or more.)
And you'll get 33% CashBack every time you order.
Worked a treat, thanks alot!!!
yip, got £91 in the account from quidco (£40) and wine demon (£51). Thanks for the post!

Not sure about the angels promotion naked is showing, it seems to refer to monthly cash coming off your card so I didn't go for it. I don't think naked generally offers good value, but with a £91 start you cant go wrong really!
Edited by: "ploppyjim" 18th Dec 2011
£111 worth of wine for £10 delivery. opened an account in my parnets name and in my remember to clear cookies everytime n become an angel. Once delivery arrives cancel angel. x
Got my £91 credit but everytime I exceeded the minimum spend for the Quidco money it ignored my WineDemon money. Ended up settling for a cheaper case (£50.44) which came in under budget for my WineDemon credit:)

£111 worth of wine for £10 delivery. opened an account in my parnets name … £111 worth of wine for £10 delivery. opened an account in my parnets name and in my remember to clear cookies everytime n become an angel. Once delivery arrives cancel angel. x

Which case did you order? It kept ignoring my WineDemon credit when I went over the Quidco minimun spend

Done this - heat added - 6 bottles arriving Tuesday
hmmm, after picking my wines it doesn't seem to use any of the £51 winedemon credit from the account, only the £40 from quidco. Anyone else getting the same issue?
same happend to me keeps ignoring the £51. so got a case of 6 wines for £8.xx del. instead
Awesome deal, £4.99 delivered for 6 bottles of wine. Why is this not storming hot ?

Thanks OP and MSE
Amazing! Thankyou. Took a bit of fiddling, but fingers crossed its worked!
This deserves so much more heat than it has.
6 bottles of wine for £8.50 delivered, absolutely wonderful.
Thanks OP.
Blazing hot, a few cheap bottles, a few average-prices bottles and a nice bottle of £25 champagne for £15 delivered
Is this legal in Scotland? X)
telegraph.co.uk/foo…tml seems being a Wine Angel deducts £20 from your account each month
I believe that it will discount only one at a time - therefore not taking off all the money. Playing around and the quidco voucher gets used over a certain amount. Below that and it uses the winedemon cash...
I wish i had tried harder at school as i can't understand this properly X)
Can someone explain to me how they got quidco to work with it please? Never really used it before tbh.

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