Posted 22 January 2023

500 Boots advantage points when you spend £10 in one go by recycling 5 items (Boots Loyalty Card Holders) @ Boots

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Today was my first time in using the scan to recycle scheme - don't ask me why because it really is so easy to do

Wash 5 hard to recycle items like hand cream tubes or toothpaste tubes. Scan them using boots.scan2recycle.com/home and complete the easy description then submit for verification and they drop into the accepted box. Click recycle and highlight five then press deposit which asks you to scan the code on the recycling box in boots. Once you've deposited you have two days to spend a tenner and automatically receive a fiver in points so probably drop when you shop. No limit as far as I can see

If you use Boots, as a newbie recycler, I urge you to do this to boost your points

Boots More details at Boots

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    Is it for ANY brand recycled containers or they must be stocked in Boots only? I'm currently using Japanese and Korean skincare products.
    Most brands are accepted - I've dropped off a lot of innisfree and etude house with no issues as long as the brand is shown on the packaging I think
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    This is not available in all Boots stores. I went to White Rose in Leeds as on the advertisement it was listed as a store that accepts but when I went with my bottles was told we longer accept - sorry 😞
    Other nearest store is in city centre and I can’t access that due to mobility issues :/
    That's not good! It's not like staff have to do anything
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    I can’t seem to find the list of things they accept?
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    Am I correct in thinking you deposit the 5 qualifying items and once confirmed accepted, you need to spend £10 and then you will receive the points? You don't get the points automatically? Can you use the points off that £10 spend or is it off the next spend? TIA
    You will only get the points after spending £10 and applying the voucher. Points can't be used for that £10 purchase but can use for next spend
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    How do work out which stores have recycling banks?
    I’ve just checked on the Boots App…input ur postcode and tells you nearest recycling bank
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    Its a complete different website to boots.com , here is a link to the recycling scheme website.

    You need to register, and the email does not have to be the same as your boots advantage card email.

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    Just had an email that the points are increasing to 600 (until March).

    I always plan a drop off when I need to buy something specific, or try to stack with another deal or points offer. It's all about tactics
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    You can only use 8 times per calendar month. Great scheme.
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    Registered! Thank you
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    Used many many times, in fact I wouldn't shop at boots without getting a recycling voucher first.
    Collected so much points and got some 1/2 price luxury skincare/makeup sets for free in the xmas sale (paid with points!) (edited)
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    It’s a great scheme .. used countless times and never had any issues apart from sometimes the branches not having their boxes.
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    Many thanks
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    Didn't know about this! Will give a try. Thanks (edited)
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    Never knew. Thanks for sharing.
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    Great scheme though these bins are getting harder and harder to find. Used to be in almost every Boots in Greater London but now only seem so find them in the larger/retail park stores.
    Also 3 days to claim the 500 points is a bit tight, a week would be better and suit most.
    Emailed you, have you Received